London Archers

Archery is a sport endorsed by few and this also is because of the way stories have been built around this sport, more so this is also not very endorsed by many but in London the London archers is one of those clubs which not only holds events with respect to archery but is also open to people who love learning something new. The club has two kinds of archery arena one of them is with respect to the Target archery and the other that is also there is the field archery along with these specialities there is also a regular clout shoot that is present here.

The complete set up of the archery is run from the grounds of the Kensington garden and my friends who had come on a vacation at the Park Grand Paddington court had been really excited to pursue a course in archery and the organisers of London archers have always encouraged people to patronise this sport by holding beginners classes and workshops. There are different types of archers who are a part of this association and they are generally associated with the kind of bow that is it can be someone who works with Recurve or someone who can work with compound and there are also some who come with Long bows even. This is one of the most satisfying sport but requires a lot of concentration and dedication but at the end of the day a gentleman’s sport although quite difficult to master but with proper guidance you can see the improvements in your game. Till date this is one of the best clubs London can boast of till date.

In order to reach the Kensington grounds to be at the London archers club you can reach their by the underground tube and the stations which are closer to the place is High Street Kensington tube station although it might seem to be away when you trace it on a map but in actuals you just need to walk for six minutes to reach the grounds. The other station that is closed to Queensway tube station and even this station is just seven minutes away if you choose to walk. Apart from the public transport if you are planning to be here by your own vehicle then park your car at the Royal garden hotel which is a three minutes’ walk to the grounds the other option around the place is Young street which is just five minutes away.

If you are looking out for accommodation facilities then one should look for hotel near Paddington station as that is the nearest someone can get and that too at an affordable price with all the modern amenities and at a walkable distance so that you do not miss the fun. Park Grand  Paddington court hotel is an amazing place for the people on vacation and this has real good helpful staff who can guide you and help you out in every possible way even my friends who stayed here had an amazing experience to say the least.

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