How To Spend Time Around Earls Court London: A Travel Guide

At the very onset, let us give you an idea of the neighbourhood and location of the Earls Court near Kensington in central London. The district is bordered by Kensington on south, east and north, and by Chelsea to the south. The Earls Court Road and Cromwell Road that are always very busy with traffic, form the main arteries of the area. Earls Court is most famous throughout the country for its Earls Court Exhibition Centre, where live concerts have been done by almost all leading bands and singers of the world. And the list includes the legendary U2, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Pink Floyd, Justin Timberlake and Madonna.

However, the Exhibition Centre has recently been demolished to be replaced by a luxury flats. The last concert to be hosted was on 13th December 2014 by the band Bombay Bicycle Club. The localites believe that such a wonderful destination hosting such varied events can never again be built in the heart of London.

Al though there are many good hotels near Earls Court, the area was far more well known till the 1990’s for its hostels and B&B’s, ideal for a host of nomadic backpackers who used to frequent the area from every corner of the globe. The entire locality is packed with tourist attractions like the exquisite private gardens and several nice squares. These places are, however, open to public viewing only for a weekend in the month of June.

Places Near Earls Court London That You Must Visit

  • Earls Court Tube Station – the District and Piccadilly Lines of the Tube will take you to the rest of Central London if you catch a train from the Earls Court Tube Station. The address of the station is 224 – 236 Earls Court Road, London SW5 9QA.
  • Blue Police Box – This is something absolutely new to you, as it is the only blue coloured police box left in London. If you are a television buff, you must have watched the series Dr. Who, that has made this blue police box through the length and breadth of the country.
  • Bramham Gardens – You may walk down to this piece of greenery that exists as a square, surrounded by graceful red coloured brick building all around. The houses all depict the architecture from the Victorian era and are very impressive to look at.
  • Princess Diana Coleherne Court – This place is famous as it was the address where Princess Diana resided with 3 of her flatmates just before she got married to Prince Charles, the crowned prince to the throne of England.
  • Troubadour Art Gallery – Located at 265 Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JA, here you will also find a café, a deli as well as a club. This is a very nostalgic place, you can step in for a cup of coffee along with a couple of sandwiches – and experience the rare event in your life of occupying seats in a place where such timeless legends like Elvis Costello, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan had played.
  • Flinborough Theatre – Located at 118, Finborough Road, London SW10 9ED, the theatre is one of the largest in London besides the West End. You may get your tickets booked in advance with the help of the concierge at Park Grand London Kensington and watch plays being staged by new and old writers both from within the country and overseas.
  • Coleherne Pub – The city’s oldest gay leather club, the pub is worth a visit to give you a taste of the cosmopolitan nature of London. It is located on the Old Brompton Road, London SW5 9JA. You may even consider just walking by the pub to understand what the gay history of the country looks like.
  • Hattie Jacques – Remember the Matron in the Carry On series of movies? That’s Hattie Jacques, one of the leading comedy actors in England. The place at Eardley Crescent, London SW5 9JT is where she lived for the most part of her life. You can take a stroll by the place.
  • Home of Freddy Mercury : Garden Lodge – At 1, Logan Street you will find the Garden Lodge, where lived Freddy Mercury, the lead singer of the world’s popular rock band Queen. The place is visited by thousands of his fans ever since his death in 1991. If you are lucky, you can have a glimpse of Mary Austin, his consort and life – ling girlfriend, who still lives there.
  • St. Jude’s Church – Located at 24, Collingham Road, London SW5 0LX, St. Jude’s Church was founded in 1870. There are a few sunken gardens here which are worth a visit. They are very nice to look at and the place is good for spending some peaceful time.
  • Brompton Cemetery – With an address of the Royal Parks, Chapel Office, Brompton Cemetery, Fulham Road, London SW10 9UG, you are sure to love this serene place. It has got its historical significance as well, being one of the “Magnificent Seven” graveyards of the Victorian era in London. The total area is about 16.5 hectares and has the graveyards of many famous personalities likwe Samuel Sotheby and Emmeline Pankhurst.

Now that your itinerary is ready for a day’s outing to Earls Court, let us now share some of the lesser known facts of the area with you, to enable you to enjoy the exotic nature of the place even more.

  • If you are an English movie lover, then you must be aware of the movies Johnny English, Golden Eye and Jack & Sarah. All these had scenes shot at the Brompton Cemetery.
  • The Tube Station of Earls Court had the first escalators fitted in all of London Underground
  • Now for some sensational story! The Coleherne Pub on Old Brompton Road has been the favourite haunts for three of London’s most notorious serial killers of all times.

The area received international recognition when The Strangers had a song released in 1977, featuring the gay activities in Earls Court.

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