How hotel websites can win at getting customers through a top digital marketing plan

There is a long list of things to think about when creating a successful hotel website that can attract customers to book a room. There are many crucial components that make the online presence appealing to travellers who really want to be encouraged to head there. A great tool is landing pages that are very important parts of a website, which are there to persuade a customer to consider booking a room. There are many types of landing pages that entice travellers onto the site, which could promote a part of the hotel such as a spa. They could also share details of special events at the residence including Easter or Mother’s Day.

A landing page is a web page that has the main purpose of getting information from a guest including a name, email address and phone number. This way a hotel can then target the tourists by creating special offers and packages tailored just for them. The landing page content needs to be absolutely brilliant, because it can often attract a customer enough to spur them on to reserve a room. The web links to a landing page could appear in a blog or the firm’s social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Companies should really think about widening their social media reach by joining other platforms such as Instagram.

There are also many other destinations that may attract customers on to a website including Pinterest and LinkedIn. Companies need to work out what the right fit is for them and what would help them get ahead in the competitive hotel industry. A superb website design for hotels must include a wonderful booking engine that is very easy to navigate. Travellers want to be able to reserve a room within a few clicks so hotel companies must make the process easy for them. Getting direct bookings is the most important thing for companies and they can do this by encouraging customers through landing pages and social media.

Hotel firms can rely on hotel marketing company Booking Direct to help them with advice on landing pages and how to create a fantastic website. The superb experts at this agency will offer their clients the chance to share what they think their unique selling points are. A firm really needs to understand the customer journey to get ahead, and the hard-working staff members at Booking Direct will work closely to find out how to appeal to the public. This can be done through great social media interaction, SEO and targeted advertising. Firms can really trust Booking Direct to help them achieve greater reservations and higher revenues.

What is very important on a website is the ability to get through to other web pages easily, so there should be large buttons to click on. Many hotel sites include excellent Call to Action buttons that may say Book Now to encourage tourists to make a speedy reservation. A great way to encourage travellers to stay at the hotel is to include brilliant blogs on the website. This type of writing is known to bring in customers to a site as tourists want to often read about a certain topic, so hotel companies must write about current affairs and local events.

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