Fun Games And Puzzles In London – A Memorable Holiday

It has been ages since London found a place in the list of dream holiday destinations of the world. The popularity is to such extent that even Paris, the city of love, finds it hard to compete at times. However, if you are one of those travellers who wish to find something different at a place, you will probably think that London has grown old and there is nothing more to really explore in the royal capital other than the usual checking out the tourist hotspots and having food and drink.

Well, there is no harm with the usual attractions, especially if this is the first time you are visiting the city, but if you have time and interest to check out the unusual attractions of the city, you will be amazed at how London has transformed itself with time. Those who are touring another city with family consisting of kids will love to have a holiday that is different from the usual. This is where London truly amazes you. Let me introduce you to another attraction of London that is not talked about often.

The fun and games in the English capital is not something you will come across often while going through your usual travel guide. Also, your tourist guide might never mention the existence of these amazing places in the city. But, that does not mean that the city does not have these exciting options. All you need to do is know where to look. Whether it is a family holiday consisting of kids or a simple break from the monotony of life, here is a list of some of the places that will keep you entertained between visits to the usual tourist attractions in London.

All of us have grown up solving various types of puzzles. Probably one of the easiest ones was solving the maze. However, is it so easy to find the way through a maze? Or, suppose a real life treasure hunt? How awesome will these be? Well, London has it all.

Hinthunt in Euston takes solving puzzles to the whole new level. Not only do you have to solve a series of puzzles at this place, you will actually be solving murder mystery and that too with the clock ticking. Only on successful completion of the puzzle and finding the true culprit will you be let out of this place. It is exciting, challenging, fun, and keeps your head running while the heart pounding. All those lovers of Sherlock Holmes or Famous Five or Hercule Poirot, here is a chance to prove your intellect and mettle as a detective. That’s definitely an awesome way to enjoy the holiday.

Escape Land in Bethnal Green is not so much into building a strong story and gives you a big case to solve. However, what really makes this entertaining is the sheer number of puzzles that you have to solve within the short time period. Let me make one thing clear, this one is meant to be a team game. The entire team will have to be divided into at least two groups to take on the puzzle challenges. If you thought that having all the minds on one puzzle is a good idea and it will solve the puzzle faster, think again. Chances are that you will lose more time or may be save a little time, but not enough to complete the entire set. However, the number of puzzles is so huge that every member will get one to solve on their own. By the way, your opponent here is the Illuminati. Yes, whatever Dan Brown made you believe, the Illuminati are the bad guys here and you are here to outwit them. Sorry if that breaks that breaks the heart of Dan Brown fans and Illuminati supporters!

Escape Rooms at London Bridge is completely different story. Is there anyone who just loves Mr. Ocean? Or, may be a great fan of the MI team? Well, you are in here for a treat. Well, those who are a big fan of Mummy will also enjoy, especially with the new movie coming up setting the mood. There are two theme games at this place. The first theme will put you in a cursed burial chamber of an old Egyptian Pharoh, no points for guessing which franchise fans will love this! The other setting is all about stealing something valuable from the British Museum room. It has got all the state of the art anti burglar system in place and you are required to find the secret compartment, open tricky safe and doors and dodge lasers. That sounds fun and is definitely highly adrenaline filled. Both the games will need you to team up and use the resources judiciously.

Games are always a great way to relax and even with games concerning puzzles and challenges there is immense fun. If you are going to enjoy a holiday in London, do not merely make it a trip to check out the tourist attractions. Turn it into an experience that will be hard to forget. Oh, and do not forget all the wonderful food in the city. After all, these excitements will make you hungry and crave for the delicacies. The restaurants in Shoreditch should be able to satisfy your food carving. As for the drinks, London has a pretty good assortment of bars and pubs serving almost all types of drinks and of the finest quality.

Where to stay in London?
If you are having a London holiday plan coming up, you must be thinking about finding an accommodation of your preference. There are plenty of hotels all across the city. You will find accommodation options of all types and suiting every budget. However, select the one that will offer you ease of travel to the major attractions within the city, that is, those that are located near major transport hotspots. M Hotel by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City will be a great choice for that matter.

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