Five Things that You Must do in London

Time is of essence while visiting London because the city is full of art, culture, historic landmarks, shopping options and of course, restaurants and pubs and a vibrant nightlife. Unless you have enough time on hand, you may not even be able to scratch the surface of all that the city has to offer. Moreover, despite its most unpredictable weather, London offers most hospitable vibes and in order to get close to its locals and get a true feel of the city, it is essential to spend some time interacting with them. As most travellers have only a limited time at their disposal, the following five things are being suggested that they must do in order to get a local experience of this mega city.

Get Close to Locals at a “Local”: If you wish to get close to locals, interact with them, get to know them better and understand their culture, there is no better way than patronising a “local”, which is what residents call the pub located close to their residence. You can look for a pub near your flat or your hotel so that you can walk back easily even after midnight as local transport might not be available at that time. If you have the gift of the gab or even if you can do a modest amount of conversation, you will find it easy to strike up a friendship and get to know the locals and their likes, dislikes and their culture. Even the locals will like to be friendly with you if you are a foreigner in order to satisfy their curiosity regarding your customs and way of life. London is full of pubs at all places and as such it will not be a problem to find a suitable one.

Visit Primrose Hill: There are many high-rise structures that offer fantastic, panoramic views of the city from their top but most of them are ticketed. If you wish to have some fun, spend some time with your friends and also have an unbeatable view of the city, you should take the Northern Line to the Chalk Farm tube station and then walk for about five minutes to reach the park entrance. Once inside, you will simply love the serene environment, the lush green surroundings and getting to the top of the hill, you will be rewarded with spectacular views of London. You will also be able to get close to nature and if you want, you can even go there with your friends and enjoy a picnic while seeing the sun going down the horizon.

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Shop at Markets: London is a shopper’s paradise as it offers some of the best stores in the world, including the iconic Harrods and Liberty stores which are well-known across the globe. There are large as well as small stores all over the city but besides these, there are a whole lot of markets that offer different types of goods at most affordable prices. One such market is the Portobello Road Market in Notting Hill which offers antiques as well as hand crafted items and clothes. Most of the clothes available here are quite affordable. This market is vibrant and alive on Saturdays. If you wish to buy some chic and contemporary clothes and other items, it is best to visit Spitalfields market and Columbia Flower market that are active on Sundays and are worth visiting. For music lovers, the best place to visit is Camden Market where they can enjoy an eclectic experience.

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Get a Cultural Experience: Everyone has a little bit of literary and cultural interest dormant in his system and if you visit London you will get best opportunities to stimulate your interests. The cultural scene is very active in the city with a plethora of museums, art galleries and theatres available everywhere, especially in the West End which is comparable to Broadway in New York. As such, depending on your experience, you can visit either Shakespeare’s Globe or any other theatre and get a unique and unforgettable experience. At The Globe you will get the feel of the Elizabethan period. Some of the theatre shows are classics that have been going on for years. Even if you do not wish to watch a show, you can opt for taking a tour that are available all through the year. You do not necessarily have to spend the high ticket price of the theatres to see a show as discounted tickets are available on the day of the show at booths in Leicester Square. Matinee shows are affordable and you can even opt for standing tickets that are extremely cheap.

Hop on a Double-Decker Bus: London offers hop-on hop-off red double-decker buses that follow several routes going past the important attractions of the city. There are different routes that these buses take so that you can choose the route that you would take you past the attractions that you wish to see. The best feature of these buses is that you are at liberty to get off the bus at any of its stops which is near the attraction that you wish to explore and then after having done so you can hop on to a subsequent bus moving on that route. A trip on this bus will not only enable you to get an amazing view of the city streets but also to observe local life. It is best to get on one such bus and go to the upper floor and take the front seat so that you can get unobstructed views and can also know where you are headed.

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