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The sheer speed and growth of the internet has given a massive boost to businesses throughout the world and all are requiring an online presence to improve their sales and profit margins. Whether it is a retail business, a restaurant or a hotel, an online presence is essential to successfully put businesses on the e-commerce map. Web designers are more in demand now than ever before to help businesses give the very best first impression by integrating important visuals simple navigation around the site and quick downloading speeds. If you are thinking about taking your hotel business to the next level, take a look at these businesses who have go their websites and apps spot on, and, even though some may not be in the hospitality industry, they hold some key ideas that can be integrated into your own business.

Google Translate

Google Translate has been a godsend for years for those who travel and for those who are simply learning a language. Unlike the Google Translate website, the app allows things to be translated instantaneously so you can translate something that is being said to you in seconds which really lifts the language barrier. Another fantastic quality of the app is being able to translate writing simply by pointing your camera at it; whether it is a menu, the paper or a sign, simply by accessing your camera through the app turns your mobile into a walking translator. This feature is incredibly useful and would be a great feature to think about during your hotel mobile apps development process, especially if you have a large number of foreign guests staying at your hotel.

The Montcalm App

If you’re looking to create an app for your hotel, why not take some tips from some of the best hotels in the world. Following the success of their website, Montcalm have now released an app that shows you everything that the Montcalm chain has to offer, the range of offers that are available and you are even able to book and manage your stay on the app, effectively cutting out the middle man. When it comes to leaving the hotel, you are also able to check out on the app, making your departure quick and easy but it doesn’t end there. As a valued customer, Montcalm will keep you up to date with any offers and discounts that they offer, allowing you to save money on your next stay.

Google Maps

Unsurprisingly, Google is back on the list. This company knows exactly how to create a good site and a great app and Google Maps is no exception. Everyone know how it allows you to to get from A to B quickly, avoiding delays if you’re travelling by car or giving you public transport times and routes if thats they way you want to travel. It shows you travel times, nearby petrol stations and restaurants and even has satellite imagery that lets you see the map as it would be in real life. A feature such as this on your own app would be a hit with guests as it allows them to explore without the worry of getting lost.

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