Fantastic ways to improve web traffic on a hotel site to raise bookings and profits

A great hotel website needs to have a decent structure that makes it enticing to customers who are then attracted enough to book a room. The best thing a hotel company can do is use a GDS or Global Distribution System, which is a useful computer network that provides information on room rates, discounts and living space descriptions. These details are sent to rental car companies, airlines and travel agents, so they can pass this on to customers. This is a brilliant way to get higher web traffic and increase reservations at the accommodation. A key thing to remember is a website needs to look fantastic for customers to want to book.

Having an easy to navigate site needs to be top of the list of priorities as travellers will be put off anywhere that is difficult to use. Another consideration is that the site needs to be fast as it should only take a few seconds for a tourist to get on there. Any longer than that and they could be discouraged to pursue their booking and perhaps even head to a rival company. A website should be able to handle a great amount of web traffic, and travellers should be able to enjoy the site on any screen. A hotel website must look amazing on a desktop computer, tablet and smartphone because tourists will research and buy rooms using all three devices.

Using a GDS or global distribution system is important as the main aim for hotel firms is to get greater exposure online for their business to truly thrive. Another way they can do this is by using the right keywords and phrases on their website, as this will ensure they are placed in a high position on important search engines such as Google and Yahoo. A website should look bright and have all the relevant information about the residence. Accommodation firms must remember not to make it too chaotic with lots of images and text. A website needs to be visually appealing and not make a traveller confused about what they are doing next.

The fantastic consultants at hotel marketing company Booking Direct can help with global connectivity and ensure companies are very successful. They are superb experts in online activity and know how to increase web traffic and more importantly get direct bookings. They will work with the large global distribution systems such as Galileo, Sabre, Worldspan and Amadeus. This wonderful marketing business has links with some of the most famous TMCs or Travel Management Companies ensuring that hotel firms will definitely prosper. They will work closely with hotel firms to get all the crucial details down to promote the business.

There also definitely needs to be a large Book Now button on every web page making it easily clickable for a customer. A booking engine has to be embedded onto a hotel site otherwise it can get very annoying for travellers to have to click onto another site. Firms need to clearly state what their room rates are and what a customer will receive by buying that living space. Something that should also be added to the booking engine is extras including evening and breakfast meal options, concierge services and any upgrades.

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