Family Holiday destinations in London

London has a number of family destinations, but few of them will make you awestruck and few where you can share your entire day with the family some of the places are:

Sea Life Aquarium
This is a place where you can start your fascinating journey away from the coastlines towards the depths of the ocean  the place is beautiful and it is the kids as well as adults who are quite mesmerised by this underwater tour. As you pass by these amazing aquariums there are some identifiable and some unidentifiable creatures few look dangerous and few are harmless they are an array of dazzling creatures. Some of them that gets registered are the rare seen Green turtles, those are not very clear, but get camouflaged with respect to their colours, while others that draw your attention are the coral reefs above the place where you are walking you can get amazed by the Ocean tunnel through which people walk it seems as if you are walking in the bed of the sea. It seems that is the big fish or that amazing creature went past your ear it looks real and amazing at the same time. As you observe you can take a look at the seven varieties of sharks that are at the display for the people to marvel at. The signature display at this aquarium is the Shark reef which is dangerous and beautiful, it has the sand tiger sharks then there are grey reefs and black tops and there you feel there menacing stance, but it is lowered a bit as soon as you meet the shoal of fish who look pretty harmless all this at the cost of you not getting wet. The best here is the interactive session which is organised by the organisers and you get to know a little more about the marine management scenario along with how they conserve these deadly and not so deadly marine animals a bit more educative that you could have expected, in fact my friends from London city suites had been really impressed by this whole session and it was a lifetime experience.

The London Dungeon
The most anticipated evenings can be if you visit the London dungeon the place is scary, thrilling and fun at the same time it gives you the glimpse of the darkest stories that have ever been there and the best part about the whole thing is that it has been enacted well by some ace actors. The place gives wings to your imagination there is something you see, then there is something  that you hear and then there are things that you smell also maybe you are scared to hell but then it is a lifetime experience worth being a part of.  There are a lot of stories that gives you the goose bumps, but then that is what is the complete experience and by the end when you are about to finish your journey welcome to the treat at the bar which is the final touch to the whole experience..

Horniman Museum
One of those museums which has an extensive and a varied collection of anthropology and there are sections within this museum where there is a lot more to do with the natural history apart from that, there are also musical instruments from which todays evolution has happened also seems to be there in the display. Most part of the times the place is booked with events being organised by the sponsors or some special exhibitions are being showcased along with that there are also some workshops being organised quite often.

IMAX Science museum  
The place is so true to its expectation with its screen taller that than the normal size it gives an amazing movie experience to those  who are viewing here. The place is known to show 3 D cinema related to science, so in case you are there to view the underwater mysteries, then you know you might be swimming yourself although in reality you are hooked to the screen. On other times when my friend who was staying at The Montcalm brewery hotel on chiswell street London had gone to watch a science flick, which was about the space to the Hubble and it did not seem to them that they were uninvolved and watching a movie but it was the most immersive experiences they could have , the sound system also complements the cinematic experience.

Story telling experience
For kids who are aged between zero to eleven years old they should probably visit Discover a place in the Stratford location of London  if you prefer to be with the complete family then be it you ill be accompanied by the teachers. There are classes and sessions being organised which helps you to be imaginative and focus on the story telling mode and to assist their imagination, they can take the help of indoors or maybe go to the garden. This unique theme and  concept gives you a unique blend of stories and when you hear those amazing characters being born you know you imagination has gone for a toss or maybe wild in the true sense it makes you feel liberated and young like your own kid. The place has its own tory garden which has been built to help you with the imagination and the indoor facility is also quite thought provocative it just helps the creative juices flow freely.

Apart from these there are parks which are quite widespread across the London city and they are expansive with some having playgrounds for the children so that they can play in the sunlight and open spaces and the families can take a back seat to enjoy and relax the surroundings. In case you are in the central London the Trafalgar square  you can either venture out to museums or just be there enjoying the hustle and bustle of the city life and in case you are a family who loves to explore then go for a bicycle tour.

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