Essential features for a hotel website

Managing a hotel business is no easy task considering the amount of time and effort needed to be put in to stay competitive. There is no dearth for competition in the hospitality industry, with a new hotel popping up almost every day at locations across the world. In such a scenario it is a necessity to ensure your online visibility and presence is every effective. With an increasing number of customers opting for online bookings your website has to be highly responsive to attract and engage prospective guests.

Apart from website design for hotels having to be well optimised, some other factors that need to be considered include:

Have a mobile-friendly website: With a steady rise in the number of travellers using smart phones to select hotels to stay at, it is only necessary to ensure that your hotel website is well optimised so as to offer a positive experience to the user. They should be able to navigate with ease with a single tap, be able to go through the photo gallery seamlessly, check availability and fill the contact from easily etc. Having a mobile friendly website makes it easy and convenient to view and navigate the website on a number of mobile devices. These include tablets, smart phones, laptops and desktops etc. In today’s competitive travel and tourism industry having a mobile-friendly website should be the first priority of every hotel owner.

Use the latest photos: Have you added something new to your property. Whether it is to the menu, or guests having jolly good time at the hotel these need to feature in your website’s photo gallery. The website should be regularly updated with the latest photos, so that it keeps visitors updated about the latest developments and happenings at your hotel.

Have a website that is easy to manage: There frequently arises a need to share important information on the hotel website whether it is about the latest events or sharing information about discounts etc. Therefore it is critical that that the website should be designed in a manner to facilitate quick and easy updates to your website. There are plenty of businesses that purchase so called ‘easy to update sites’ only to later discover to their dismay that adding updates is a challenge. That is why it essential to engage the services of a professional web designer who ensures that your hotel website is ideally optimised and allows updates or changes to be made conveniently.

Respond to queries swiftly: One of the most frustrating experiences for a customer is not to get answers to their queries promptly and effectively. Remember effective customer service necessitates a quick and efficient redressal of any customer complaints or queries. If this is not done is a time bound manner the customer is just going to take their business elsewhere. One way to resolve most of the queries is to have a section with a cross-range of queries and their effective resolutions on your website. In the event the customer query still stay unresolved it is essential that you respond within 48 hours of having received their email. It will show a concern for customers and help you to score brownie points in customer service.

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