A Little Something to Boost Your Hotel Business

If you are a hotelier trying to battle your way through the hectic hospitality sector you may be looking for ways to help you boost your business, to get your brand out therein order to increase the flow of consumer traffic through your doors. A booking engine is a necessity for any hospitality establishment as it allows online bookings to be made without anyone having to man the desk and automatically updates reservations onto your system twenty four hours a day. This means that you never miss out on a booking, if there are rooms available the online booking engine will deal with it for you.

It’s clear why purchasing a booking engine is a clever move but which is the best booking engine for hotels? How much will it cost to invest into it? There are a whole range of things that can affect the cost of these booking engines so this guide looks into what can increase and lower the cost of your chosen booking engine as well as looking at all the add ons you need to consider to make it a useful and successful tool in your business.

What are the Costs?

The price of using a booking engine is split into two: it can be a commission-based plan or it can be a  pay monthly subscription, for example you could be looking at £100 per month rate or a percentage of each booking taken.Many hoteliers wholeheartedly believe that choosing a booking engine with a monthly subscription is best way to go as it allows you to budget your outgoings much better. Choosing the commission based option will not give you a set outgoing each month because it is purely dependent on how many bookings you take. Although one month may see a low commission paid out because there have only been a handful of bookings made, as your business progresses, the commission will continue to grow with it, taking a large chunk out of your revenue. At least with monthly instalments you know where you are right from the very beginning.

What Size Should you Purchase?

Another reason to go with a monthly subscription is because companies will break the prices down into tiers to enable you to buy the booking engine that is most suitable for your business. Generally they will grade it in terms of the number of rooms in the establishment so the more rooms there are, the higher the monthly price because the system will have a lot more information and a larger inventory to deal with.

How About Multi-Users?

Being a hospitality company it is very likely that you will have several people who will need to access your booking engine for information. There are a few companies who will charge you an additional fee for every person that you add on to the system such as receptionists, concierge etc. You should look for an engine that allows you to not only add several users but to also put restrictions in place because there will only be certain areas that will be needed for each job role, for example, the receptionists won’t need to access to everything, just the booking section.

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