A Food Tour of Soho

With the preponderance of different cuisines from around the world made popular by the increasing immigrant population, traditional British food seems to have taken the back seat in London. However, this is a misconception as British food still commands respect of gourmets in ethnic eating havens. You can get the true feel of such food if you visit a neighbourhood pub and taste its Sunday roast. In order to get the real taste of British food, especially in the Soho area, it would be best to go on a Twilight Soho Food Tour with Eating London that starts from the Palace Theatre and takes you round one of the most famous neighbourhoods of London’s East End.

One of the advantages of such a tour, apart from the pleasure of tasting different exotic dishes, is that you will be able to learn about the areas that fall between the venues and enjoy sightseeing as well. This tour will enable you to see Soho Square, that had a brothel at one time but now it is home to Paul McCartney’s office; the former Marquis Club which was where Jim Hendrix, the Who and Eric Clapton performed but now houses a building of lofts typical of Soho; the former residence of Mozart denoted by blue placards; and the place used by Karl Marx to write his Communist Manifesto. You can also see Chinatown, the sex trade locations, and a pub named John Snow. In general, the Soho mural will provide an insight into the development stages of the area from being impoverished at one stage to its modern luxurious stature. Besides these features, Soho also provides many food options. Given below are six of them.

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La Bodega Negra: Located close to the starting point of the tour, this Mexican food joint is quite impressive and is owned by one of Winston Churchill’s descendants. The food, especially pork and shrimp tacos set in their own holder, is of the same standard as is available in Mexico. There is a bar as well as a secret entrance resembling a sex shop, in the restaurant. For entering it, you need to say something scandalous.

The London Gin Club: This gin club was created in 2012 by transforming The Star Cafe that was originally started in 1933. You can enjoy gin tastings as well as a full menu here as it offers items such as a traditional British meat pie prepared from gin-soaked beef having been washed down with Seven Dials Gin, tonic, and a Sicilian olive.

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Enrique Tomas: An exciting place for food, this Iberian jamon shop offers cones of ham along with Spanish food items such as meats, cheeses and wines at its front end while classes on the jamon are conducted by an expert at the back. You can enjoy tastings that include an 18 month aged cured white pig, a pada negra farm and forest variety as well as a 36 month aged pada negra that is sure to melt in your mouth. You can also enjoy a 12 month aged goat cheese, a semi cream sheep’s cheese and a 24 month aged hard cheese, paired with a cabernet Sauvignon. Products of the shop can also be ordered online.

Pix Pintxos Bar: The moment you enter this cosy neighbourhood tapas bar, you will come across all the bites that are on offer but a drink with each is compulsory. You can get a meatball and a slice of jamon on toast as you can choose from two. You can also get sweet white wine poured from above being properly aerated. You can find plenty of celebrities here.

Leong’s Legend: This is a Chinatown staple that will not disappoint you. You can choose to have sautéed eggplant, and make your own duck pancakes, dumplings and hot Chinese tea. The ducks are roasted in-house and fresh buns are steamed. The restaurant offering Taiwanese food is also famous for its xiao long bao (soup dumplings) and dim sum, which you will love and will like to have again and again.

SAID dal 1923: A tasty dessert is absolutely essential to complete any food offering. Originally SAID dal 1923 is from Rome and is a historic chocolate maker. You can find both indoor and outdoor seating at the London shop that presents walls properly decorated with vintage chocolate moulds. You can relish traditional hot chocolate in different varieties such as dark, milk or hazelnut along with a choice of toppings such as cinnamon and red pepper. You can also try a tiramisu to finish off the food tour.

This Twilight Soho Food Tour lasts for 3 hours but it is worth the effort. Depending on dates and hours, the dining venues are subject to change. It offers full value for your money as you can try out different varieties of food. The guides suggest that you should not fill your stomach at one venue as you will not be able to enjoy the food at other venues. The total amount of walking is not much as just the walk both ways would not take more than 15 minutes.

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