7 Popular London Hotspots You Probably Shouldn’t Miss

Do you have any plans to go out on a foreign trip? Have you ever considered about a trip to London city? Yes, it is the capital of the United Kingdom and is definitely a place worth visiting. With its vast and enriching history, this city is popular for offering a wide array of attractions which continues to beckon a large plethora of travelers from different parts across the globe.

There are always so many interesting things to see and do in the British capital that it often feels difficult to sort out the list of places to be seen. London is an expensive city and there is no doubt about that. This is why most of the vacationers have to forcefully cut their trip short and this is why it gets all more difficult to explore such a variety of places within a short time. However, if this has been your dream to explore London then you will have to find a rightful way to include almost all the best possible hotspots in your holiday itinerary. If you are running short of time and also aspire to cover most of the popular attractions, then the best way to achieve your target is by means of making a list of all the happening sightseeing attractions that will give you an edge over others.

When it comes to seeing London, you should not take any more chances as this city has surely got all of what it might take to make things work in your favour. If it is about having a happening time ahead, then all you need to do is to put up at a hotel which will let you conveniently explore most of the scenic attractions in this city. If you are feeling confused about which hotel to choose then you can consider staying at one of the hotels in Paddington. Since Paddington enjoys a central location, it gets easier for everyone to easily access most of the travel hotspots in the capital without having to worry too much.

As for the places of interests that you can see in London during your vacation, you can consider to follow the below mentioned list which will effectively guide you so that you can enjoy every bit of your stay in the most happening manner.

Buckingham Palace:

For every first time visitor, it often gets extremely difficult to take the decision regarding which attraction to see during the London trip. However, if you have your itinerary ready, you would not have to feel sceptic even for a single moment. No visit to the English capital would ever be complete without taking a stop at the official residence of the English monarchy. This stately palace has become one of the most-visited tourist hotspots in England. If you wish to admire the beauty of the palace from outside then you can come here any day of the year but if you wish to explore the wonderful interiors then you must schedule your trip in between the months of August and September. This is when the State Rooms of the palace remain open to the visitors. Visit the palace early in the morning so that you do not have to miss the Changing of the Guard Ceremony which takes place on regular basis.

Tower of London:

This Tower has been successful in etching a name for itself in the history of world. The Tower of London served as a prison for several years and was also a castle. The Crown of Jewels continues to entice a large number of vacationers from different parts around the world who come here to see the exquisite collection.

Trafalgar Square:

If you are putting up at the Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel then you ought to visit the centrally located open plaza which is a hub of several public events. In fact a large number of political demonstrations are also organised in Trafalgar Square. Owing to its location right in the middle of the city, it often gets easier for every tourist to frequently tale a trip to the other adjacent travel hotspots while checking out the beauty of the Trafalgar Square.

Hyde Park:

The city of London is not only about the major architectural structures but also promotes greenery. If you wish escape to the world of peace and tranquillity then you ought to pay a visit to the various parklands and green spaces which are located in almost every corner of the city. The Royal Hyde Park is considered to be one of the largest parks in London which offers plenty of activities to look forward to. Enjoying a long leisurely stroll or paddle on a boat on the Serpentine Lake are some of the few things that you can experience here.

National Gallery:

This is a free attraction and is worth exploring. It is eminent at housing one of the greatest art collections of all time. Some of the artists whose works have enticed the attention of the art lovers include Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci.

London Eye:

If you do not have a fear of height then you can easily consider riding up the Giant Observatory Wheel which will offer you with a panoramic overview of the entire English capital. This is something you should not miss. If you are travelling to this city along with the love of your life, then you ought to pay a visit to the London Eye that will fulfil all your vacation desires in the most desirable way.

London Zoo:

This animal park has opened in the year 1847 and is now home to more than 750 species which include Humboldt penguins, Asiatic lions, giraffes and many more.

These are some of the palaces of interest which will make your visit to London as captivating as you have always desired for.

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