6 Important Facts to Know About Canary Wharf

The English capital is most certainly a happening place to be seen at and you can be assured of having quite a marvelous time here. When in London, you must always care to spend your vacation break in a fabulous manner. It is all about how beautifully things are going to turn up for you which eventually matters the most. If you have always been wondering about exploring the historical aspects of London then you would definitely find happiness in this historically enriched British capital which will help you have a splendid vacation trip ahead. London is everybody’s dream and you can be assured of celebrating every moment in the most iconic way.

If you want to get the feel of the city of London just like a local then try to visit the Port of London which is filled with a large plethora of historical attributes worth acknowledging. Staying at The Piccadilly London West End hotels will make you enjoy an easy access to the Docklands of London. The Port of London has been transformed into a whole new place. What once teemed with ships and visitors from different parts across the globe has now become a vibrant hub of exquisite houses, shops and restaurants.

 Go through the following important facts about London Docklands which will surely help you to enjoy a happening trip ahead.

  • Canary wharf was established right on the site of West India Dock. It was set up by the government which is called London Docklands Development Corporation.
  • Canary Wharf is considered to be the European Headquarters of organisations and banks.
  • It is located in the Isle of Dogs. It is not an island but basically a U-shaped area of land which is bounded by the river. Sir Christopher Wren described Canary Wharf as the perfect place to capture the best view of Greenwich.
  • London Docklands is also popular for the large plethora of gardens and streets art. There is a mystic fountain that is located at the heart of the Cabot Square is mainly computer controlled.
  • While staying at one of the hotels in West End London, you can consider exploring the Canary Wharf which bustles with a wide array of shops, entertainment centres and restaurants. Food lovers hang around here to enjoy the amazing delicacies being served. No matter what your heart desires for, you can get everything here.
  • As you start exploring the blissfulness of the English capital, you can consider spending some of your time at the Museum of Docklands. It is positioned in one of the warehouses in the city. This amazing museum depicts the story of the Docklands of the city which were used to trade. You will get to learn about a whole lot of historic facts about the docks including the Dockers’ strike in the year 1889, Dockers’ tanner and many other facts.

These are some of the captivating facts that you ought to know about the canary Wharf in London.

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