4 Digital Marketing Strategies Every Hotel Should Be Using

If you are new to the world of digital marketing, or you feel as though you aren’t using digital marketing to its fullest potential then you have come to the right place.  The world of online marketing is an increasingly complex one with new demands and ways of interacting with guests seeming to crop up each week.  The good new is that it doesn’t need to be all that complicated; if you use these 5 marketing strategies then you will get off to a great start:-

1. Don’t Lose Email

Whilst it’s true that social media is a vital and contemporary way to interact with your guests, don’t take that as a sign to neglect your email services.  You should still be ensuring that confirmation emails are sent to guests on booking, possibly reminder emails as their booking date draws nearer and you could even take things to the next level with a carefully timed email suggesting helpful tips for check-in or things to do in the local area during their stay.  The key here is not to bombard guests with ‘spam’ email, but to send a few, targeted emails to show them that you consider their stay to be an important one.

2. Entice Your Guests

More often than not, people will go online and look at hotel websites, or view their social media channels before deciding whether to confirm a booking so you need to put your best foot forward here.  Use images and videos which show off the best that your hotel has to offer and which draw them in and get them excited about the possible things they could enjoy and experience when staying with your hotel.  Similarly, take your hotel digital advertising one step further and show off the things which are around the hotel too, in the local area and be specific.  Name the attractions or landmarks which people could visit and give them an approximate distance; this personalised service has been shown time and again to be more successful with potential guests than vague statements suggesting you are ‘near to the main attractions’ but which doesn’t really tell them anything specific.  You want your guests to be imagining the experience and so the bigger the story you tell, the easier that will be.

3. Respond to Reviews

A large percent of travellers will check review sites before they decide whether or not to book a hotel so it’s important that you know who is talking about your hotel, where they are talking about your hotel, and what they are saying.  Be sure to respond to all reviews, not just the negative ones, and actively encourage guests to leave a review somewhere if they have enjoyed their stay.

4. Be Mobile

Advancements in technology mean people now expect to be able to do absolutely anything from their phones and tablets so making sure that your hotel’s website is compatible with smart phones and tablets is absolutely crucial; if a guest finds it too difficult to book, they will simply move on to somewhere else.  Better yet, if you have the funds to create an app which potential guests can download to manage their booking, then you will be ahead of the game.

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