Which is the Ideal Time to Visit London

Despite its rather unpredictable weather especially with regard to rain, London is an enchanting city to visit throughout the year. Moreover, the weather and environment never gets into extreme mode as it rarely snows even through it does get chilled, dreary and dark in the winter but it is not difficult to move around the city and plenty of events take place during this time. In the summer it does get warm but it doesn’t get blistering necessitating any air-conditioning. It is just the uncertainty of rain especially in the winter that plays spoilsport at times. The rain is mostly in the Autumn especially November but it can rain at any time of the year and as such London has no dry season and even in summer, the evenings are cool. It is hot in July and August and it gets muggy especially in the Underground as there is no air conditioning.

The summer months are great for all outdoor activities and as such most festivals and outdoor events take place during that time. Tourists can be seen thronging the various parks and visiting the various attractions especially the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace as they are open to the public only in the summer. There is plenty of time available for sightseeing during the summer as the sun sets after 10pm but it tends to get very crowded at all places because of the surge of tourists as well as other local people who prefer to take their annual holiday at this time. As a result, all costs go up such as airline fares and hotel rates. Moreover, you will find long queues at most of the tourist attractions such as the Tower of London and the London Eye, and this dampens the holiday spirit of the visitors. As such, although the weather is good in summer, it is best to visit London for sightseeing in spring or fall in the shoulder periods such as the months of April and October because during those months you get the best mix of mild weather, lower airfares and hotel rates, pretty plantings and less crowded attractions. Although prices are lowest in mid-winter, some of the attractions close from November to March and most of the important events take place in the summer.

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 Airfares to London are cheapest from late October to mid-December and from January to mid-March, which are the off-seasons. It is also important to note that weekend flights are more expensive than weekday flights. Rates increase between March and June and they are the highest between late June and September and in December because of the Christmas and New Year rush. In July and August most Europeans take their annual holidays and as such you have to deal with high rates and more crowds. Going to London in November and from January to March will be suitable as there will be no crowds but it can be rainy and cold. However, some of the best theatres, operas, ballets and classical music events take place in the winter season and you get the advantage of 20% drop in hotel prices. It is best to arrive after the holidays as you can avail of post-Christmas sales.

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An analysis of the various seasons will help in deciding the best time to visit London.

Spring (March to May): It is one of the best times to visit London as the temperatures are mild and there is lot of greenery and blooming in the parks. However, towards late spring and in the summer, the prices of hotels and flights rise and the prime tourist season starts. There are longer daylight hours but it is advisable to carry an umbrella with you at all times as you never know when it might rain. Easter festival takes place during this period and Good Friday and Easter Monday are public holidays. Most shops are closed on Easter Sunday and public transport services might be curtailed. However central London is busy throughout the Easter Weekend.

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Summer (June to August): With warm and sometimes hot weather, summer is a great time to visit London as you can make the most of your time and visit the green open spaces and enjoy in the beer gardens and rooftop bars. The temperatures are perfect for outdoor activities such as attending summer music festivals or outdoor cinemas. Summer months are most popular and as such they are crowded and high prices reign supreme everywhere.

Autumn (September to November): By the second week of September, the busy summer season ends and the autumn season starts providing a mild weather in London, which is good for visiting the city. There are a variety of annual events that take place such as Totally Thames Festival and the Halloween celebrations. From November onwards, the city is illuminated with Christmas lights and decorations making it very spectacular.

Winter (December to February): With average temperatures between 2 and 6 degrees centigrade, the city gets cold but it does not deter tourists from enjoying the various winter festivals and indoor events. It is important to be properly clad and wrapped up for having a great time. In December, there are plenty of Christmas activities, lights and decorations and then in January you can take advantage of sales which start just after Christmas. January and February are quieter and also offer the best deals on airfares, hotel stays, restaurants and attractions.

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