Unusually usual: London

London is a place that is known for being a very culturally and traditionally rich place. There are many things to do when you are in London but the best way to see the place in a touristy style especially when you are travelling solo has to be seeing the place unusually. Now there are not many special things in all places which you can do unusually but when it is London then you can trust that you would get a lot of such places to visit and things to do when you are travelling in London and that too unusually.

One of the very first things that you can do and which are not done by the majority of the tourists in London has to be roaming around Richmond Park. As is general idea, Richmond Park is the best park and the biggest of all the royals’ parks and undoubtedly so. You can see hordes of deer that are running wild without anyone to stop them. Along with them you would get to see a lot of pro cyclists who are in training and if you keep exploring more, then you can touch the home of the Royal Ballet School. For the adventurous people, you can go to St. Paul’s cathedral all the way from Richmond Park.

You can put up at the London Shaftesbury Hotels which would ensure that you are near the tube stations and the bus stations which are near all the places to visit that are there in London. The Shaftesbury hotel London makes for the best place to stay when you are in London to discover the place. The London Piccadilly hotels are wonderful hotels with local staff that would remove all your doubts and give you a wonderful stay.

Out of the different unusual things that you can do, you can go to the speakers’ corner which is present in Hyde Park. This would make sure that you get to speak on anything if you wish to. The stand up speaker corner makes for a good stage for anyone and at any time of the day you would be able to see someone speaking. Go and listen to what they are speaking for a good time. The canal boars in Maida vale is made to ensure that you sail through small waterways of northwest London. The trail starts at Little Venice and you can see the London Zoo and regent’s park and reach Camden Lock from there.

If you are a bit more into exploring and the artistic kind then why don’t you go for the roman history and see the buildings that are there between the Tower of London and the grey Gherkin. It is said that around 2000 years of history is saved in between those buildings and you get to see Victorian markets, medieval relics and crumbling walls. These are remnants of what were once the Romans. Academic guides are available to guide you through it all.

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