Top Museums in London Exhibiting Famous Jewellery Items

One of the exhibits that London’s museums present is a wide selection of jewellery items that have been created by style designers over the years. A magnificent array of jewels both old and mew that are priceless can be seen at the top museums in London that are dedicated to celebrating the fashion jewellery that are presented there. The museums also offer temporary exhibitions that uncover a Pandora’s box of these pretty items.

Museum of London: It is the best place to start exploring British jewellery, especially if you visit the Cheapside Hoard Exhibition which offers a wide collection of hundreds of jewellery items that are not cheap from any angle, as the name suggests. The various jewellery items exhibited here include emeralds, topaz, opals and rubies. This cache of jewellery dating back several centuries was lost for some time but it was found again in 1912. It is named after the Cheapside area of the City of London where it was re-discovered.  The cache includes 500 pieces of Elizabethan and Jacobean jewellery consisting of rings, necklaces, jewelled scent bottles and a unique Colombian emerald watch that are now being displayed for the first time after they were buried in London in the 17th century. The exhibition offers a feel of what life was in the 17th century in London and it also tries to discover why Cheapside Hoard was buried and who was the person responsible for it. If you are visiting the museum and have seen this exhibition you can move ahead and look at the other great exhibits that are on show including the golden couch of Lord Mayor that dates back 250 years and is used each November for the annual Lord Mayor’s show through the City of London. When it was built in 1757, the cost of building it was eight hundred and sixty pounds that will give you an idea of what it might cost to make it presently. The Museum of London gives a fair idea about the history of London and all that you may want to know about it related to the period from 450 BC to the present day. Although there is no entry fee to the museum but the Cheapside Hoard: London’s Lost Jewels does have a nominal entry charge. Jewellery fans can also attend a number of evening events.

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Tower of London: The Crown Jewels at the Tower of London is part of the Royal Collection and is believed to be one of the most expensive set of jewellery in the world. It is guarded by the Yeoman Warders who are also known as the Beefeaters. This collection of jewellery has been stored there since the 14th century and it adorns Queen Elizabeth at state events. The Jewel House at the Tower of London has all gold and expensive gems of different types. Although visitors are not allow3d to touch any of these items, they can see the precious jewels at the Jewel House including the oldest item which include the 12th century gold Anointing Spoon; the Swords of Tempral Justice, Spiritual Justice and of Mercy. St Edward’s crown that was worn by Queen Elizabeth II when she was crowned in 1953 is also exhibited. The most famous crown exhibited at the Tower, is the Imperial State Crown that is embellished with 3,000 gems that include the Second Star of Africa diamond. The world-famous Kohinoor (Mountain of Light) has no rival as it is a diamond that has been set in a platinum crown and weighs 106 carats and is worn by a queen or queen consort. It is rumoured that if any man wears it, bad luck will befall him. These precious Crown Jewels have attracted many people including thieves who have tried to steal them many times but without success. The most notable attempt was in 1671 when Colonel Blood tried his best but failed.

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Victoria & Albert Museum: It is one of the top museums in London having been founded in 1852. It has been named after Queen Victoria and her consort Prince Albert, both of whom were great enthusiasts of art. This museum is the largest museum of decorative arts and design in the world and it houses a permanent collection of over 4.5 million objects that cover several centuries and have been sourced from many different countries of the world, thus depicting different cultures. It is also one of the best museums in London being renowned for being home to one of the most comprehensive collections of jewellery anywhere in the world as it has 3,000 jewels that range from the most ancient to the most contemporary, modern times. The displayed items of jewellery include diamonds that once belonged to Catherine the Great of Russia and emeralds that were given by Napoleon as well as pendants from Queen Elizabeth I. You can also see jewels by Faberge, Cartier along with an assortment of items produced by international modern day jewellery makers. The museum also organises lectures, talks and workshops that provide information regarding the art of jewellery making so that visitors can get enlightened on these aspects besides being able to see the fantastic jewellery items on display.

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