Tips to better manage OTAs

The hotel industry relies to a large extent on OTAs for getting hotel bookings and generating revenue. With a steady growth in the number of hotels there is extensive competition to generate business. This is where OTAS play a crucial role in revenue generation.

While the hotel search engine marketing industry is aiming for more direct bookings at hotel websites, there still is an extensive requirement for OTAS to meet revenue targets. A few ways by which OTAs can improve their productivity and be better managed are as follows:

Check hotel profile with OTA: Whenever you are affiliated with an OTA it is necessary to check that all the information that is on their site must be accurate and error free. For this check the OTA website for spelling errors, grammar and factual information. If any mistakes are found they should be brought to the OTA management’s notice at the earliest.

Ensure that the content is good: Whenever you share hotel content with an OTA ensure that it is up-to-date and of the highest quality. Also ensure that high quality images are provided as this is what will help to attract prospective guests, when they check the OTA website. Also make sure that descriptions are error free and nearby attractions and places of tourist interest are mentioned.

Check USP and other details: You need to ensure that the room descriptions are correct and detailed for each type of room. You also need to describe any special features or aspects that the rooms may have e.g. location and views. Also try to make optimal use of your USP when promoting your hotel bookings on an OTA site. Mention available facilities and services.

The hotel type and OTA must complement each other: Whenever you decide to choose an OTA for your hotel it must be a perfect match for the type of accommodation that you offer guests. In simple if you are a high end luxury hotel you need to select a high budget OTA for your bookings to sell. And alternately if you are a budget hotel choose an appropriate budget OTA so that it is easy for them to get you bookings. A mismatch between the type of OTA and the hotel type will result in a loss of revenue, with very limited sales. It should match up to other hotels of the same type at competitor sites

Offer Value addition: One of the best ways to ensure that your OTA generates a good volume of business is to promote value additional services. This could be in the form of complementary breakfast, shuttle services to and from the airport, Free Wi-Fi among other incentives. It should offer value for money and attract the attention of the prospective guest.

Conduct monthly reviews: When you have OTAs working with your business you need to conduct individual monthly reviews of their performance and the revenue that they generate. During these reviews you can also update them with upcoming events, while also fine tuning areas which are not performing to expectations. The sessions should also review the performance of competitors in the area, with the objective to improve our own business’s performance.

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