The biggest food trends

With the restaurants near Bayswater, you can take advantage of this year’s new food trends. The hotel near Bayswater was known as the Grand Royale Hyde Park also features its own restaurant if you’re looking to enjoy a meal from the comfort of your hotel.

According to panels, tacos will gain prominence across Europe in 2017. So perhaps now’s the time to get versed in the art of tortilla wrangling. Additionally, since more and more people are reducing their consumption of alcohol, we expect low calorie and non-alcoholic drinks to become more popular into the New Year.

Also, due to the growing prominence of vegetarianism, we expect more and more restaurants to include sea vegetables in their cooking. Another trend that’s also going to continue growing is the rise of the consumption of pickles, due to a new awareness on gut health. We also naturally expects products such as probiotics, kimchee, and yoghurt to grow in popularity.

Since more and more people are posting their food on social media channels, we expect restaurants and producers also to start getting in on the act. That means new savvy promotions and perhaps even more innovative mobile apps based on food delivery. Last but not least, we expect kitchen technology to become more and more of a norm.

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