London And Its Alternate Offerings

London is a huge city both equally vast and deep. You can expect something unusual, conventional, beautiful and weird to fill this capital up to its brim. In London when you are bored of one single thing, there are several others to keep you engaged and evoke your inner spirit. London is the city where you can discover a new you.

Thus, it is rightly put forth by Samuel Jonson that the person who is tired of London, is tired of life for London has everything that your life can afford. If you are a first visitor then, you need to know that London is overwhelming and it will take you some time to work through all the attractions. However, if you are on your second or third trip to the city and already have seen Buckingham Palace or toured the Tower of London or even have climbed to the top of Shard, then there are others loads of alternative attractions and activities you can take up to see unusual London.

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Explore The Ghost Stations When You Have Already Travelled In A Tube

London’s Underground Tube is celebrated as it was the world’s first underground railway when opened in the year 1863. Since that year, the underground tube is expanded to 270 stations and 11 lines. However, over this span of years, few stations have eventually been closed down for reasons either, they are not used enough, or the routes have changed. The not used anymore, ‘ghost stations’ are still buried beneath the streets of London.

Many of these stations eventually have been converted and restored or demolished. Many of popular films like Bond’s Skyfall and BBC series Sherlock are filmed in these stations. Thus, when you have already ridden the tube, now it is time for you explore beyond the known tracks with special tours of the ‘ghost stations’ running from Aldwych to Charing Cross stations. London Transport Museum also organizes occasional tours for their Hidden London event.

When You Are Done With The Views From Shard, Now Head To Big Ben

Want to enjoy the views of London from high above in open air? Well, you will be spoilt for choice in the capital. There are options ready for you, and within short walking distance like London Eye, Dome of the St Paul’s Cathedral, Monument, Sky Garden and the newest and tallest of all is the Shard. These are known to almost everyone. But, did you know that one of London’s iconic buildings offers the best view of the city? If you are wondering which one, then, it is none other than, Big Ben or the Elizabeth Tower.

At the height of 62 meters, you will not only get an amazing view of the city but also peek at the Clock face. Though, you need to be an eligible UK resident to have this tour and request it through your local Member of Parliament but, if you are not, then, there are also other catch in the city. From O2 arena roof climb to the Emirates Airline cable car from Docklands, London’s fantastic view is everywhere.

Take A Trip To Stranger Museums Of The City When Other Popular Ones Are Already Visited

London is famous for its art galleries, and museums and most of them allow free access, making them yet another wonderful tourist place. There are also big names like Tate, Science Museum, V&A, National Gallery and several others. While these names are known by one and all, London’s charm is not only limited to these known places. London has over 200 museums and art galleries, and some of them are at their quirkiest best. Say, for example, the 18th century themed Dennis Severs’ House, which will take you back in time. Severs bought the house 30 years back and recreated life of a Huguenot silk weaver and his family.

On the other hand, if you are not squeamish, there is the Hunterian Museum with its preserved jars of body parts from the gruesome tales of surgery at Old Operating Theater. If you want an offbeat look of the popular, Natural History Museum, visit the special late night opening events like Dino-Snores. This night event will allow you to spend the night with the dinosaurs.

Sail Through Regent’s Canal When You Have Already Taken A Boat Trip To Thames

River Thames allows the visitors and people to enjoy its vast stretches of water through speedboat ride, clippers, and even extravagant dinner cruises. However, if you had your time at the river and are looking for a more relaxed option, why not try out the Regent’s Canal in the leafy North London. The canal winds its way for about 8.6 miles from Paddington to Limehouse.

So take the 50 minute London Waterbus Company ride on board along the canal running between Little Venice to Camden Town. For a more close to the water encounter, there is kayak tour for the more adventurous mind.

A Quirky Cinema Screening Instead Of West End Show

On the first visit to London, anyone will visit the West End to catch a show or head to Leicester Square for a cinema at discounted prices. However, that does not mean that you have to do that every time you visit the city. For your second or third visit, and for an unusual screening experience, London’s quirky cinemas are the best.

From outdoor cinema options at Luna Cinema where screenings are taken place in London parks and another grand location like Sky Garden. Rooftop Film Club is also another interesting venue to watch films over a rooftop in East London and Kensington Roof Gardens.

London is full of alternative options that you can try and will help you get to know the city in a better way.

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