Little-Known, Outrageous Attractions in London

Visiting and enjoying all that London has to offer is not merely about taking a ride on the London Eye, seeing the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace or seeing the Crown Jewels at the Tower of London but it is also about seeing really outrageous things, which are being described below;

A Different Morning Tea Menu: Instead of the usual cup of tea or coffee that you take to get rid of your inertia preventing you from getting up in the morning, a bizarre new way is by raving. It is organised by Morning Gloryville which is a pop-up, sober, morning dance party that consists of yoga, massage, motivational classes, DJs, organic smoothies and coffee all together. The headquarters is Oval Space in East London and there are various other venues in London where it takes place.

A Museum With a Difference: The first museum to have opened in London since 1901, the Viktor Wynd Museum of Curiosities has been created by 500 people to “present an incoherent vision of the world displayed through wonder”. There is no categorisation, labelling or any organisation in anything and their entire collection has been displayed that include prison inmates’ doodles, tribal art from New Guinea, dodo bones, and even a casket containing some of the original darkness Moses called down upon Earth.

Explore the Remains of Little Crompton Street: If you wish to take a peep into London’s underbelly and see what it was like in the days gone by, you can explore under a sewer gate on the traffic island between Old Compton Street and Charing Cross Road and see the remains of Little Compton Street. It is believed that the street level was raised in 1896 so that Charing Cross could be built leading to the disappearance of Little Compton.

Combine Exploring a Museum with a Bout of Dancing: If you visit one of Tate Britain’s Late at Tate events that take place on the first Friday of most months, you will be able to enjoy this after-hours party by having a drink, exploring the galleries, taking part in discussions and dancing to your heart’s content until 10pm. Entry is free and each party has a different theme. There are late-night openings on other nights of the week at other museums.

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Remember the Great Fire of London 1666: The 350th anniversary of the Great Fire that displaced about 100,000 people and caused immense damage is taking place in 2016. It is being commemorated with different events and exhibitions, under the title of Great Fire 350. The events include talks, movies, artists’ exhibitions, concerts, tours, performances, dinners, fireworks and a fire-based opera at the inner Temple Hall where the fire was eventually stamped out.

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An Interesting Version of Contemporary Art: There are many new expressions in contemporary art such as singing running shoes, talking goats, and depressed hypnotists. An exhibition, The Gulch is being put up by Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams at the Barbican’s The Curve gallery until January 8 in which his subversive internal dialogue will come to life as you walk through the gallery, enlightening and changing your conception of contemporary art.

An Innovative Restaurant with a New Concept: Gingerline is a restaurant with no fixed address and to enjoy its offerings, you need to book online and go to an Overground station on the ‘Ginger line’ at the specific time and await the information regarding the place where you have to go for enjoying a four course fest. Each one has a different theme incorporating surprises such as terror-filled jungles having canapé canopies, Siberian circuses, and submarine mess halls. The helpings are sumptuous.

Theatre by Candlelight: This season Wonder Noir, Shakespeare’s Globe indoor winter season at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse will explore many aspects such as complexities of love, gender, morality, and sexuality through pieces like William Shakespeare’s Othello, John Milton’s Comus and John Webster’s The White Devil. Wanamaker Playhouse has been made to look like as authentically Shakespearean as possible to the extent that it has no electricity and is lit only by candlelight, making it one of the most intimate and romantic theatres in London.

An Exclusive Collection of Neon Signage: Housed in a warehouse estate in Walthamstow, God’s own Junkyard has a colourful collection of neon signage that was created by Chris Bracey who used to make custom signs for sex shops in Soho and later was hired by other artists and Hollywood filmmakers for bespoke pieces that have featured in films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Batman. You can buy any piece you like but vintage and custom pieces are certainly expensive.

See a Golden Rhinoceros: You can visit British Museum, which is free for the public, and see the latest exhibit that explores 100,000 years of South African art, especially the gold-foil 800-year old rhinoceros of Mapungubwe, which is also known as the country’s ‘crown jewels.’ This highly significant object that can easily be concealed in your palm had been hidden by the Apartheid governments for political motives. It has left the continent for the first time now. The exhibit also showcases other works regarding South Africa throughout its history until now as well as contemporary art by up-and-coming artists.

An Indoor Music Festival: Hackney Wonderland is holding a music festival at five hot venues around East London, but all of them will be indoors and within walking distance of each other. A former pickle factory and an ex-industrial laundry basement are among the venues.

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