Important facts you should know before planning a London tour

Almost every adult on earth is well aware of what London is. To some people, it is a passion while to others it is just a dream which cannot be fulfilled. In case if you possess both the dream and the passion to explore and enjoy the brilliant city that London happens to be then all you need to do is to sit down and start chalking down your vacation itinerary. This will eventually make things more memorable for you. There is nothing impossible and you should not stop dreaming because one day you will surely be able to fulfill all your dreams. London is one of the most captivating cities in the whole wide world and it should be your passion to look forward to spend time in planning the entire itinerary.

While planning your holiday itinerary you should also consider booking a budget hotel near Paddington station that will put you close to most of the child friendly travel attractions in the city. This way, it will get convenient for you to have a great time ahead.

Here is a list of some the most significant things that every London visitor must know especially when you are planning to visit this city along with the little jewels of your life.

  • It is the capital city of England and it proudly stands on the pristinely flowing River Thames. It is well enriched with an amazing history that continues to impress each one of us. It is surely the exquisite lavishness of the British capital which makes every visitor feel proud of their decision of coming to this city. Be it the fashion sensibility of the Londoners, cultural aura, historical magnificence or architectural wonders, London is a city that is truly class apart.
  • This is one of the most visited cities in the world. The Heathrow International airport is considered to be the world’s busiest airport and is located in London.
  • London is made of two cities. One of them is the City of London and the other one is the City of Westminster. The ancient part of this city happens to be the City of London as it was originally known as Londinium where the Romans settled back in 50 AD. This part of the city is also famous for being the financial hub of Britain. The City of Westminster covers the portion where most of the government offices are located. You would love to explore the stately Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the Queen over here.
  • London is also famous for being the biggest city in Europe. Put up at Park Grand Paddington Court to enjoy a great proximity to most of the stunning travel hotspots in the English capital.
  • Canary Wharf Tower is the tallest building in the English capital.
  • This city was the first in the world to have an underground railway, popularly known as the ‘tube’.

These are some of the must-known facts about the British capital.



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