How The New London Design Museum Differs From The Earlier One

The original Design Museum of London was founded in 1989 and was located by the River Thames near Tower Bridge and later it was relocated to Kensington. The designs exhibited at this museum are in the realms of products, industries, graphics, fashion and architecture. The museum is a registered charity and the revenue generated by ticket sales are used for curating new exhibitions. It is expected that admission to the permanent collection display, “Designer Maker User” will soon be free. The new museum showcases Britain’s design expertise in many fields as well as a creative centre that will promote innovation and will nurture design talent of the next generation. From its original location in a former banana warehouse in Shad Thames where it existed for 27 years to its new home at the old Commonwealth Institute building in Kensington, the relocation of the Design Museum has been completed. There are many reasons why people will be excited to see the new museum but the following six will certainly excite you.

Plenty of Extra Space:

As compared to the old location, the building at the new location offers way more space and this was the basic need that had prompted the shift. The present location is in a 1960s modernist building that offers a lot of space that will help in increasing the capacity of the museum. Its beautiful interior has been designed by John Pawson and it has ample space to house three exhibition spaces, a library and archive and a studio for the use of designers. It also offers a restaurant and cafe and learning spaces. All these could be accommodated because the building provided three times the space that the old location had. It also has an impressive hyperbolic paraboloid roof which is simply fascinating as it resembles a giant pointy Pringle.

More of the Permanent Display is Now Showcased:

As there is more space available than at the Shad Thames location, which no doubt offered spectacular views of the Thames, the entire large collection is now on permanent display. The top floor of the building has now been exclusively set aside for the ‘Designer Maker User’ exhibition that displays important design objects, a crowd-sourced wall and a creation by Studio Myerscough that shows a punchy rotating entrance. Visitors can also get a digital reflection experience by standing in front of a futuristic mirror and donning fashion classics and bizarre outfits of days gone by. The best feature is that it is completely free.

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Other Thought-Provoking Features of the Ambitious New Show:

The museum’s opening exhibition, ‘Fear and Love’: Reactions to a Complex World’, is home to eleven completely new commissions that explore current issues.  As a response to the recent Brexit vote, there is the Architecture practice OMA’s piece, while the idea of repressed emotions with slightly scary-sounding wearable devices that detect inner feelings and project them outwards for others to see, is explored by Hussein Chalayan, the celebrated fashion designer. Visitors can also see a 1,200kg industrial robot called Mimus that multidisciplinary designer Madeline Gannon has transformed into a creature that reacts and interacts to movements made by visitors. Research work done in the fields of architecture, digital technology, fashion, graphics, transport and product design is also being showcased in Design of the Year which returns to give visitors an idea of what is likely to take shape in the future. It has always been a platform for exhibiting talent and offering opportunities to see projects that are likely to be extremely successful in the days to come, as per the museum.

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Choice of Two Shops:

The existing beautiful shop that offers a range of amazing lifestyle products displayed and arranged by colour that have been tempting visitors to part with some money, is being reinforced by a second store that will offer stylish objects such as stationery, books and homeware. Anyone visiting the museum will find it very difficult to leave these shops without buying at least one or two of the beautiful items that they never knew how they could do without.

A Great Educational Experience:

The Design Museum offers an opportunity for you to get involved in various things and in the process get to learn a lot and also be able to test your creative talents as it offers a public programme of talks and classes that will help you hone your creativity. It also offers monthly Create and Make and Get into Design workshops in which even the youngest members of your family will be able to get a platform for experimenting with their ideas and learning from experts.

In the Midst of Many Other Attractions:

After visiting the Design Museum, you will find that there are plenty of other things that you can see and do in the neighbourhood to complete a day of fun and entertainment. You can explore Holland Park located close by and visit the beautiful Leighton House before moving to the cultural hub of Kensington and visiting the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Science Museum which are just a short bus ride away.

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