Essential features in a website design

Whether you run a hotel in the outback in Australia or have a hotel in Ireland, it is necessary to have a state of the art website design that will draw in the customers. The website does not only serve as a interface between your business and guests, but also represents your hotel and the experience it offers visitors when they stay there.

That is why it is critical to ensure that your hotel website design is top notch to remain competitive in the highly challenging hospitality industry.  Some of the features to be found in the best hotel website designs include the following:

Very professional and modern: The primary requisite for any hotel website design that it must have a very professional and up-to-date appearance to it. It should not only look aesthetically pleasing but also have a very responsive design that offers a seamless response to users that visit the website.  It must be compatible with all types of devices with an optimal response time. Prospective guests who visit your website expect a high quality experience when navigating your hotel website and that is what to be delivered. Some other aspects that are an essential part of the design are:

  •  Keep it clutter free
  •  An impactful call to action
  •  All icons and clickable features should allow ample space for users to use their fingers on a smart phone or other mobile device
  •   Ensure that key areas attract the attention of the user

A well designed photo gallery: One of the most effective ways to sell your hotel to visitors is through the use of photography. It is the simplest and most effective tool to show prospective guests what they can expect to from your hotel in terms of experience.  Having great photography by offering a virtual tour provides them with an opportunity to see and experience all that the hotel has to offer its guests. There should be ample use of images along with a dedicated photo gallery. Research shows that a substantial percentage of reservations that are made are based upon what guests see in the hotel photo gallery.

Allocate a special offers section:  All guests whether they choose to stay in a luxury hotel or budget accommodation look forward to benefitting from special offers. Therefore it is essential to have a dedicated page or section for special offers like discount packages or promotional offers. It should be highlighted and draw the attention of the user as soon as they visit the main landing page. After all who does not like to save on accommodation expenses!

A well defined booking console: When the booking console is designed it is vital to ensure that it is uniformly situated at the same location at different areas of your website. It should be consistent and easily visible to visitors to your website. Visitors to the website should not ahve to spend too much time or effort in locating the booking console.

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