Cultural Information About Bloomsbury And Things To See

London is full of Boroughs, and each borough represents a beautiful and bustling part of London. When you are in central London, it has many different façades, and each one is quite different from the other one. And in the middle of the eclectic central London, a quiet, green rectangle is nestled known as Bloomsbury. And unlike, other parts of the central London, it has a sedate and tranquil surrounding offering you a quick escape from the imposing urban sprawling in between Holborn, Clerkenwell, and Soho.

It is one of the serene outdoor attractions of the city offering visitors a microcosmic are full of museums, cafes, shady trees, bookstores along with historic homes of academics and artists. Though, you will find no official boundary separating Bloomsbury from other parts of London, but, it is the atmosphere, and the feel of laid-back learning oozing in the air is what different in this area.

If you want to visit Bloomsbury and is staying in any hyde park hotels london like hotel grand royale london hyde park, then it will take you a bus or just a few minutes’ walk to reach you there. There are several attractions nestled in the quite part of Bloomsbury, and the iconic British Museum has housed here along with Sicilian Avenue and Kingsway. If you are looking for some shopping locations, then, Bloomsbury has the answer for that too. There are some excellent pubs and fabulous shopping centers located in this quaint square of the city.

You can while away a day at Bloomsbury exploring its wonders or just stroll down the street to spend some time with yourself.

Indulge In History At British Museum

As you turn the corner down to Great Russell Street, you will suddenly come across the towering classic of the British Museum, known to be the home to thousands of ancient treasures and also the treasure trove of lost knowledge. As you will walk inside, the grandeur of the place seems only to increase with the white and glass dome of main hall lifting your eyes in awe.

The place is huge, and you can devote an entire afternoon only exploring the exotic Egyptian sector where the mummy of Katebet is displaying. Other wonders in the list also include the Parthenon Sculptures and Rossetta Stone. If you fancy a break in the midst of all these marvelous artifacts, there is the café where you can grab a slice of cake or move to the extensive gift shop to buy some souvenirs and memoirs. The museum is the beating heart of Bloomsbury.

Charles Dickens Museum

The Bloomsbury Street has brought the Charles Dickens Museum to life. Stepping inside will be like stepping back in time with the Dickens’ imaginative depictions of Victorian city and life. It is well evident from the displays that he had a passion for the foggy Victorian Streets that inspired two centuries of readers. The Museum has the world’s most important collection of material to a great social commentator and novelist. Since its opening in the year 1925, the museum is welcoming, visitors from all over the world in its enthusiastic surroundings. The four floors are filled with manuscripts, paintings, editions and original furniture and other items relating to the life of one of the most important personalities of Victorian times.

Follow The Gourmet Trail Down To Torrington Place

If you are in dire need to refuel then, Bloomsbury has the best and affordable options. The value for money and coziest places to eat, drink and relax are all tucked along the Torrington Place. The walk along the way is also relaxing and scenic as you will be able to move away from the hustle and bustle of the Tottenham Court Road. From vegan shops serving buffet lunches and fresh pressed juice to Thursday Farmer’s Market, there are fresh produce and delicious food and drinks available all the way.

There are also organic foods stalls and cafes all on meeting junction of Judd Street and Torrington Place. For delicious Spanish deli and coffee, there is the Moreish café. You will find delicacies here that are hard to find outside of Spain.

British Library

Hosting momentous historical works, British Library is home to rare specimens like Magna Carta, Shakespeare’s Folio, Gutenberg Bible and much more. Take a guided tour around British Library, and you will be able to immerse in the rich culture and heritage of the place. It is also nestled inside the largest public library ever to be constructed in the 20th century. The guides to the library are full of information, and with this respect, the piece of particular interest is Diamond Sutra, the earliest dated printing books in the world.

The library also preserves the earliest surviving copy of Beowulf. The most important part of the building is the King’s Library, and it is regarded as the center piece both in terms of architecture and historic acquisitions. The personal collection of King George III is also displayed here adding to 65000 printed volumes. The casual visitors can visit the exhibition gallery with special exhibitions, musical performances, film events and much more.

Bask In The Bloomsbury Greenery

Even if you have limited time and money in Bloomsbury, you will end up having a great day. The romance of Bloomsbury lies in its air that wafts most palpably around. In whichever way you look, green is the common color and mostly imposed on nature. So, make a great day in London by simply walking down the square and get to know each of them has a unique charm and character.

The quieter of the squares include Gordon Square and parallel to it is the Tavistock. You can also do some statue hunting here and pay a visit to statues of great personalities like Virginia Woolf and Mahatma Gandhi. Though Russell Square steals the scene with lofty trees and the central fountain adds a dash of romance and charm in the atmosphere.

So, visiting Bloomsbury, the quaint square in the heart of London will get you everything that a person trying to escape the city will like to see or experience.

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