Amazing London Attractions Perfect for Travellers Heading there for a Second Trip

Those visiting London for the first time are usually on a mission to get through a list of places they have always wanted to see. A second visit to the English capital is usually when tourists can pick places that they have discovered at a later date. When planning another trip to the city of London travellers can head to some old favourites, but also add some new landmarks to their itinerary. For instance visitors know or just come across Hyde Park so they definitely head there when on their first vacation in London. Another destination that they should see is Kensington Palace as it is a wonderful working royal home to Princes William and Harry.

This fantastic landmark is found next to the green space of Hyde Park and used to be the home of the late Princess Diana. It is a beautiful building on the outside, but also offers stunning state apartments inside that are worth checking out. There are also a number of brilliant artworks in the Royal Collection that culture fans will adore. Tourists can also have afternoon tea at this venue where they will be served scones with fresh fruit taken from the palace’s orchards. No doubt travellers will have taken a selfie with Big Ben and gone on the London Eye to take in some amazing views on their first holiday in the city of London.

Another place they should have ventured to was the fantastic Houses of Parliament that has a magnificent Gothic exterior. Found inside the Palace of Westminster the houses are made up of two chambers including the House of Commons and the House of Lords. Both are open to the public and there are excellent guided tours most Saturdays through the year, and on weekdays in the summer months. Tourists will probably have also seen Buckingham Palace from the outside on a previous visit to London, but they can also head inside during the summer. They will get to marvel at the palace’s superb interior and its lovely staircases.

Travellers will definitely want to stay at the centre of the city of London when they visit the English capital for the second time. A good choice is the Park Avenue Baker Street Hotel, which is a superb destination and one of the best hotels in Baker Street. It offers air-conditioned rooms with Wi-Fi that’s great for checking emails. The club and double rooms have top facilities such as a fridge and microwave, as well as mineral water on arrival. The hotel is found near the stunning Regent’s Park that is a superb green space ideal for a walk.

There are sometimes destinations in London tourists have not even heard of and this could include The Monument. This is an attraction that is the oldest stone column in the world and it commemorates the Great Fire of London. It also celebrates how the city was rebuilt after this terrible disaster. The 202-foot column was completed in 1677 after it was designed by English architect Sir Christopher Wren who also created St Paul’s Cathedral. There are 311 steps to the top of the viewing platform that offers superb views of London, and visitors actually get a certificate to say they have climbed this wonderful attraction in the capital.

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