6 Things to Enjoy in Royal Hyde Park London

Ever planned a trip to the dream city of London.? Well, there are several interesting tings to do in this enriching capital city of England. London encompasses all of what it would take any die-hard visitor to feel satisfied in his or her life. If you have always wanted to enjoy and explore the most captivating part of this city then you must pay a visit to the Royal Hyde Park.

Although London is known for its brilliant array of architectural sites, there are infinite amount of green spaces present here. As you open the London map in front of your eyes, you would be able to find the inordinate number of green parklands being located within the urban boundaries. In spite of being a major hub of finances, this metropolis happens to be extremely popular among the green lovers. Those who seek absolute tranquility would be able to feel happier and contented while coming over to the city of dreams which offers everyone with a large share of green spaces and parklands.

There are several popular parks in London and one of the largest happens to be the Royal Hyde Park which is popular for its lush territory. You must have heard its name or browsed through its pictures on the internet. This park looks amazingly huge and is surely one of the best in terms of making people feel relaxed throughout the time.

Try to put up at a hotel near Hyde Park which will make your vacation even more convenient. If this is your first time in this park, then try to walk from end to end which will give you a better outlook of its exquisiteness. There are several significant things worth exploring right in this park.

Below are some of the things which you can consider indulging into while visiting the Royal Hyde Park.

  • Enjoy swimming and boating: Serpentine is a recreational lake which is located in Hyde Park. There are paddle boats available around the Lake which you can rent and enjoy a great time. You can take a swim at the paddling pool and have a great experience.
  • Serpentine Art Gallery: Visit the gallery which is renowned for housing both historic and modern exhibits. Putting up at Park Grand London Paddington will make travelling easier for you.
  • Take a stroll: Enjoy a nice, leisurely stroll in the park and explore the beautiful tranquility.
  • Speaker’s Corner: Head to the northeastern corner of Hyde Park on a Sunday morning to experience the inspiring speeches of common men.
  • Hub of festivals: Hyde Park is well known for hosting a wide array of festivals. Every winter, the Hyde Park hosts the Winter Wonderland which entices the attention of a large number of visitors.
  • Jog & walk: Jog around the perimeter of Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park and enjoy all your leisure moments.

These are some of the things that you can consider indulging into whiel paying a visit to the Royal Hyde Park.

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