Top Tips And Advice On How A Hotel Company Can Protect Its Online Reputation

Something that has changed the way customers choose a hotel in the modern digital age is online reviews. What used to be the case was tourists would head somewhere for a trip and tell their family, friends and work colleagues about the hotel they stayed in for their holiday. Nowadays the norm is to put feedback about an accommodation on the web, so that people from around the world can see it and decide whether to book or not. It is very likely when customers research hotels they read online reviews before booking a room. There are a number of places to check this out including social media, blogs and a range of forums.

There is also the popular destination of TripAdvisor that gives travellers the chance to find out about residences. In this type of environment hotels have to protect their reputation by analysing anything that goes online, and responding to complaints or issues. One of the most important things to do is reply quickly on social media as that makes a firm look good. Platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are often used to put up views about a hotel, and nowadays people want an instant reply. Social media sites are the new customer service and the longer a company leaves a message unanswered the worse it will be for them.

Hotel companies should offer to contact the guest directly by phone or email if the problem is a large one or a complaint that should not be solved publicly. For a firm to keep aware of what is happening online it should use free online tools including Boardreader and Google Alerts for any mentions of the hotel brand. Firms could also offer an incentive to customers to put up a review to be put into a draw to receive an exclusive prize. In this scenario it is very likely that travellers will write a positive hotel review as they want to be the winner.

One of the first steps any hotel company should make is creating a wonderful website with a superb internet booking engine. Travellers can complain about anything and they might decide to air their views on how they didn’t like the website. If hotel companies do actually make a mistake they should just apologise and tell travellers they are working to improve things at the accommodation. Being honest is the best thing to do as customers will have nothing else to add hopefully and the public will be able to see that the hotel is trying its best.

Hotel firms can rely on asking hotel marketing company Booking Direct to help them create a fantastic website. The amazing experts at this agency will offer firms the opportunity to share their ideas about how to change the website. They will then outline what can be altered to generate an engaging online presence to reach out to the buying public. Understanding the customer journey is a crucial part of the process allowing them to build a very popular hotel website through social media, SEO and targeted advertising. Businesses can put their trust into what Booking Direct will do to achieve greater reservations and higher revenues.

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