Tips on how to handle money situations and spending when on holiday in London

There are many things to think about when travelling to the UK and one of the most vital is learning about how to save money. Travellers can take foreign currency to London and then exchange it when there, but it is often better to do that in their own country. Exchange rates in the UK vary depending upon where visitors want to get it changed. A good tip is to ask if there are any extra charges that are added upon exchange so that tourists save money. The best destinations to exchange money are at banks, post offices or to take money out from an ATM. The pound is made up of 100 pence and there are one pound and two pound coins.

People from the UK often colloquially refer to a pound as a quid, so if travellers are asked for 20 quid for an item then they can assume that it is for 20 pounds. When visiting a city like London tourists should use credit cards as it is a very convenient way to spend money. What travellers should do is find out if there are any fees or extra charges that are involved with using a credit card. This should happen before they leave for their holiday and if the fees are reasonable then visitors can use the credit card without worrying about paying too much. A great point about this is it saves travellers the hassle of carrying around actual money.

Travellers heading to London will want to stay close to attractions and sights when they are in the capital. A great residence to pick is the Kingsway Park Hotel that is found close to Paddington tube station. This is one of the best hotels in Sussex Gardens and offers lovely rooms with modern amenities including a telephone, plasma television and Wi-Fi internet. The hotel has a range of room sizes available including triple, quadruple and family spaces. Visitors will adore coming to this residence as they will benefit from the top staff service.

Tourists may bring a credit card when they head on holiday to London, but they may also want to take a debit card. This is great for getting money out from ATMs by entering a pin number and extracting money from a foreign account. There could be bank fees attached to taking money out so travellers should make as few trips to an ATM as possible. They should definitely not take money out every day, and must try and budget how much they need for at least a few days. It is a good idea that travellers plan ahead to where they are going for the week, by working out where they will spend their money on entertainment and eating out.

Something to think about when travellers head to the English capital is finding free things to do in London. There are many museums and galleries that cost nothing to enter, and what tourists should also do is get an Oyster Card to cut costs when travelling around. Another thing to remember when heading to the UK is about tipping as this is actually less customary than in other countries such as the US. Travellers should always tip at restaurants and cafes but it’s important to always check the bill as the amount could already be included in there.

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