The Landmarks to be visited in London

London is a city that has gone through many regimes and therefore it has seen a number of monuments being constructed by the rulers at that time. Just like the culture the buildings are also a fantastic mixture of old art forms to new art forms. Few of the famous buildings have the architecture dated back to as old as thousand years just like the Westminster Abbey it originally was built somewhere around 1000 years ago and still the spectators look at the monument  in awe. The sky is dominated by the ultra-modern skyscrapers which have come up quite fast during the recent times sharing equal space with the older buildings. The history attached to this city is intact and appreciated, but then that does not deter the new age millennials of showcasing their talent to the world. The city opens up its rich amalgamation of new age fortress versus the old age forts.

The architecture is one of the predominately reasons why the tourist brigade is attracted to come and visit London, as per the latest statistics the city is visited a maximum number of times and falls as one of the most visited cities in the world even the standards don’t fall behind when we take European Union into consideration. The diversity London embraces wherein you can find people walking in from all walks off life from various places makes it a global player to reckon with. It is a financial hub for the businesses and the trades and depicts the largest city with a robust economy in the world.

Since the city is rich in diversity and also an emblem of various cultures there are innumerable activities and sightseeing attractions for all to explore, for sure it does not disappoint the tourist brigade. Although there are a plethora of options to select from while you are spending your vacations, but it equally keeps you confused rather selecting and making a choice becomes even more tricky. Occasionally people feel that a short trip of four or five days can be enough instead London embarks that feeling of no amount of time can make you feel that you have seen enough of this city At this juncture it becomes really helpful to have the top notch places happily selected in your itinerary so that you are less perplexed and more satisfied and plan accordingly.

Vacations in London

Depending upon the kind of interests you have or you endorse every visit to London is a unique trip and mark the words all the trips to this same city will be quite different.

Westminster Abbey

One of the most beautiful architectural design that has been built centuries ago. It has withstood the times and seen histories being made and put to dust. The place has a reverence as it attracts every year millions of visitors to the building who try to explore the sights and visuals and take back with them things or memories. The place is situated in the heart of the city quite close to the Big Ben and the Thames. The place has guided tours which helps the tourists or travelers to have a better understanding of the significance of this building. The place has entry times and charges are also levied on the adult and children crowd. There is also an Abbey shop which gives you a chance to carry some souvenirs for your friends and family, few of my friends staying at hotels near central London  and
the Montcalm Hotels London had a collection of amazing merchandise.

British Museum

The British museum is a beautiful monument displaying the English culture and keeping it alive even today, the museum is located in the Bloomsbury area and is open on all the week days from ten in the morning till half past five in the evening. This place has a vast and varied collection of art and artefacts from every corner of the world , it still holds exhibitions on and off with respect to any and every piece of art. For the students it is a learning center where they get to indulge in workshops or classrooms and have a Launchpad to display their work. The place has free entry for all those who are interested.

National Gallery

One of the most prized possessions of the Londoners is the National Gallery situated in the heart of the city in the Trafalgar Square, if you are an art lover or by chance an artist then this is one place you would never ever want to miss. The magnanimous building built in the Gregorian style houses as huge as two thousand plus paintings from various artists.  The place holds exhibitions throughout the year and there are certain events also held for the budding artists. The place is so huge that it might take a complete day to go around and see all the pieces of art. Entry to this is free and more over you will find students hanging around this place quite often.

Tower of London

The Tower of London is a historical monument  which has seen every shade of the color grey from being the Royal highness fortress which would treat the queen well to being a prison where the convicts were prisoned. This is the place where executioners have beheaded the worst of criminals the walls of this place are a witness to the various kinds of atrocities . There are many told and untold stories being woven around this Tower and it is in the best of your interest to become a part of this whole thing and fall in love with the richness and cruelty of the English culture. There is an entry fee levied to this structure and for your convenience, you can also buy them online and secondly, you have audio guides in most of the languages which can be a friend in need for the visitors who are keen to learn more.

These are few of the places that should fall in one’s itinerary as they will let you understand the richness and the grandeur of the English culture and of course in case you are running short of time be prepared to just visit them at least.

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