The Commission-Free Online Booking Engines For The Hospitality Industry

Booking hotels online can be a tiring and confusing process for a customer who is in urgent need of an accommodation. In such a situation if you cannot provide him with an easy to use and a flexible reservation system then you will be losing customers. This is why so many hoteliers are opting for various methods and techniques to increase their sales and encourage direct bookings through the websites.

The Marketing Trends

There are plenty of online booking engines available on the internet through which you can increase your sale and profitability. Unlike the third party booking engines, these services are mostly commission free which makes it more profitable for the hospitality industry. But this is not all, such booking engines have highly skilled professionals who are aware of all the digital marketing trends and knows how to use the best marketing practices and the advanced tools for increasing sales of the individual hotels. These people have an in-depth knowledge of the various online reservation requirements of the hotels. With the help of this knowledge and the advanced tools, they are able to provide such high-quality online booking engines.

The Web-Based Platforms

Most of these platforms are cloud-based  so you can edit, create and update all your rates, seasons, inventory and promotions for the individual properties. These commission free Online booking engine for hotels are extremely flexible as they aim to meet the requirements of each and every hotel. So with these platforms, you will not only get multiple reservation options but will also meet the diverse needs of the different hotels. For enhancing the flexibility of their services some of these engines even integrate their services with the third party booking service providers.

Getting Direct Queries

They have the infrastructure as well as the technical know-how to ensure that each and every client gets the best quality booking services. No matter how unique your requirements are they will meet them so that you can get enhanced sales. In case you prefer to get the booking enquiries through emails then you can get customized online reservation forms which will send the queries directly to the email inbox of your hotel’s manager. In case you already have a functional and efficient booking solution which you do not wish to disrupt then you can also opt for a  customized reservation URL redirect which will take the customers straight to your booking engine every time they choose the reservation option on the website.

Integration Of The OTAs

The integration with the third party booking engines will provide your hotel with an enhanced user experience and a consistent branding. Due to the integration of the OTAs, you will be able to make changes on their platform too. But what makes things easier for the hotels is that the changes which are made in these OTAs by their managers will be reflected in the booking engine too. So any inventory changes, photos or marketing content that you may have updated in the OTAs will be automatically reflected on the cloud-based booking engine. The user-friendly interface and the real time changes that can be made on multiple platforms make these cloud-based engines the best option for most hoteliers. So if you are looking for options to increase your direct sales and want to reduce the amount of commission that you have to pay the OTAs then these cloud-based reservation solutions are perfect for you.

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