Rainy day activities for Kids in London

 There are a plethora of options when it comes to kids enjoying their day out, but then there those rainy days that gives you no options but to stay back at homes, but the kids don’t like it for sure and it is they who insist that you take them out. The city of London has a variety of fun things to do around and these all have an edge that you don’t have to miss these fun filled activities during those rainy days for sure. So all you have to do is pack your umbrella and get ready for an evening of fun and frolic while you and your kid looks forward to this day with a lot of excitement.

HintHunt – The escape game
This is an escape from the usual as the game of puzzles is not  only a unique  proposition, but it is equally challenging the game is meant to be played in group of three to five people and in case you are a family of four the best way to do is get in the room all together.  In is more like a live escape adventure sport you win as a group you lose as a group. In order to win the game you have sixty minutes and wither you make your way out of the place or your people get locked to say the least, it might sound frightening but then that is the challenge. There are different levels of games if you are a family then you have a customised package for yourself and this is more fun than watching movie instead you become the hero of the group. My friends from the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington all gamers and geeks, they found it really challenging as they opted for the geek games they were thoroughly puzzled it was winter and they could sense the beads of perspiration. In case if there are students and classes and the teachers really want to build cohesiveness in the classroom or recognise the hidden talent it would be best to opt for the Classroom games. For corporates who are looking at the team building exercise they also have an option where in case they perform as a team they win else they lose there is no place for individuals.

Ripley’s Believe it or not
In case you have read the Believe it or not column in a book or newspaper or magazine then you surely will be able to understand this place, a thorough entertainer, just not the kids but the adults too can fall in love with what the place has to offer. As you walk in to the Ripley’s you are welcomed by the Mirror maze  you seem to be crossing one plane to another  trying to beat the illusionary hallway, but in reality you have hit the dead end even the parents feel stupid on hitting this spot it’s that amazing. Another interesting place is the Black hole as you enter this, either you are clutching hard to the rails or that does not happen as the rotating tunnel moves it seems even the walkway begins to move beneath your feet and you feel really challenged it seems you will fall but in reality nothing happens as your senses are put to test. The place has something for everyone, there are close to seven hundred exhibits to be discovered by the families who walk in, in case it is school children you have some real informative stuff to look at and what better way to learn that to tantalize your senses. The place is open for three hundred and sixty five days and the last entry time for the guests is quarter to twelve in the night.

Kids club at the Electric Cinema
London is a marvellous destination for cinema and when it comes to Electric cinema it is amazing the Kids club at Portobello road is an outstanding destination to be explored on a rainy day with your kids. It is luxury and privacy and everything about this place has a great taste, but when it comes to make the moment special for the kids it wins hands down. The place is more like a home theatre where the upholstery is pure luxury with footstools and leather done armchairs and blankets to make you feel completely at home.

 Polka Theatre
In case you feel there is not much for the kids then you should visit the Polka theatre as there is so much to be done , you can book tickets for animation series or help your child get enrolled for the workshops  like the drama group get them to enrol so that they can open up and enjoy themselves. The Polka youth theatre is an amazing place where the children are trained about the intricate details and they develop some new dramatic skills and new performances see your child grow to the full potential. The kids also enjoy the story sessions being organised as you see your child clutching in the tenterhooks it is an amazing way to develop your child and of course they enjoy these things a lot which goes without saying. There are acrobatic and dance workshops along with comedy class’s umpteen choices are there and your child can go through an overall development it is just not really important to stick to one thing.

Lyceum Theatre
In case you get an opportunity to watch the Lion king it would not be a bad choice the Lyceum theatres are showcasing the award winning musical hit and that too in a straight consecutive sixteenth year . The place is a hit with the children of all ages as the fantastic performers make the play come up to the standards. This place has been the best place for the preschool goers and they are the ones who seem to be really catching up with things and they just love the performances, another of those places to take your kids on a rainy day.

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