Pull On Your Walking Boots And Get Exploring!

London is a city that is jam packed full of things to do and to see and it can sometimes become overwhelming as you don’t know where to start or the best things to visit. Sightseeing tours are perfect for those explorers who want a true experience of London; there are so many to choose from that can take you around all of the main tourist locations, such as Westminster, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London, or those that take you around London’s major museums, such as the Natural History Museum, The British Museum and the Science Museum. There are some tours that are a little bit different and can show you some of the best sights in the city as well as give you an in depth experience, these are the walking tours. This guide will highlight some of the alternative walking tours in the city that will give you a real feel of what London is really about.

The James Bond Tour

London is synonymous with MI5, spies and espionage and this tour is filled with intrigue and mystery as it takes you on a trek around the James Bond filming locations, including the newest addition to the Bond franchise SPECTRE. The tour guide is not only a James Bond enthusiast but will also give you an in depth briefing on the British Secret Service, how it works and some of the more classified cases. The tour begins at Planet Hollywood, Haymarket, which is around 30 minutes walk away from the Park Grand London Hyde Park, and it will walk you around over 10 locations used in the Bond films Skyfall, Die Another Day, For Your Eyes Only and many more as well as showing you where Universal Exports is based, James’s secret London headquarters.

This tour is around 2 1/2 hours long and pre booking is essential as it is a very popular tour so don your best tux, grab your martini shaker and enjoy the spy life of Bond for a day.

The Krays Tour

If you want a tour that delves into the gritty side of London then look no further than The Krays Walking Tour. The Krays were and still are infamous for their reign in East London in the 1960’s and if you are a fan of gangster’s and crime history then this tour 2 hour walking tour around East London and the budget hotels in London is definitely one for you.

Ronnie and Reggie Kray were born in the East End of London in 1933 and established themselves in the East End by their performances in the boxing ring. By the early 1950’s their reputation had been cemented and they took control of Regal billiard hall as well as offering protection, being involved in turf wars, murdering George Cornell and Jack ‘the Hat’ and building their gang, called The Firm, through violence. They became legends of the East End and despised by law authorities, however, many remember the Krays for their generous natures and friendship, if you were loyal to them, they were loyal to you to the end.

The tour will take you to all the locations associated with the brothers; you will be told the myths, rumours and how their legendary statuses were upheld even after they were captured and put in prison. When the Kray brothers died, their funeral was the largest that was and has been seen in the East End which is a testament to the strong bonds that were made, whether through friendship or fear. Today, their legend lives on with Hollywood movies and television programmes frequently portraying their lives and when walking along their East End streets, you can still feel the squeeze of the Krays even today.

The Loo Tour

Fancy a tour of the toilets? The Loo Tour is the first of its kind and takes guests on an hour and a half tour of public lavatories around the city. This may seem strange, however, there are some delightful bogs scattered around the city and it is always very helpful to know where the nearest toilet is in a new city, so it is also a very practical tour. They offer two tours; the Waterloo Tour begins at Waterloo Station toilets and ends at a cocktail bar in Aldwych covering the history and politics of the public toilets as well as visiting a beautiful toilet that is the epitome of British. The second tour is called the Bloomsbury Tour and begins at Euston Square Station and finishing at the historic Knight’s Templar pub. This tour gives a more in depth insight into the history of lavatorial hygiene and how it contributed to many of the cities disease problems in earlier centuries as well as taking you on a trip to visit a Grade II listed toilet. The Loo tour is very different and fun; it is packed full of interesting information its is also great for those who enjoy a laugh and the fact that each tour ends at a pub is a fantastic bonus.

Inside London’s History of Drinking and Pubs Tour

How can you do a walking tour without a tour of the pubs and taverns around London? The Insider London’s History of Drinking pubs Tour will give you a historical insight into traditional ale’s humble beginnings, previous ingredients used, medieval brewing techniques, alehouses and taverns throughout the ages and to why everyone, even today, loves a good ol’ drop of ale.

The tour is around 2 hours long and includes trips to a pub that was built before the Great Fire of London in 1666 and was a favourite of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dr Samuel Johnson and Charles Dickens and places of historical significance, such as the enjoying a brew in the spot where Henry VIII divorce to Catherine of Aragon was legalised. This tour is full of information, knowledge and lots of different beers, what more could you want?

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