London in the round the world trip

When it comes to roam around the world, it is almost obvious to add the city London in your itinerary, one of the best places in the world and also it wins hands down when it is about shopping. It has some of the major sightseeing areas which leave a long lasting impression on anyone who visits the city. Some of the areas people can plan are quite famous and should be covered whenever they plan to be in London.

London Eye
This is one of the major attractions for the tourists or travellers who come to London city   this is the giant wheel which is being endorsed by none other than the soft drinks brand Coca cola. This giant Ferris wheel is on the banks of the river Thames to be precise the south bank region, it has huge to accommodate at maximum thirty two capsules and people can enjoy a ride in these capsules and they will catch the glimpse of the London’s best monuments from an aerial destination. The whole point of taking this ride is to view a breath taking scene from this wheel and this might one of the most unforgettable experiences you can have which might go with you for the longest known time.

Madame Tussauds
Who doesn’t like to see their favourite celebrities or sportspersons or run through the short anecdotes about the favourite people in the histories and this is what the Madame Tussaud’s museum is all about.  The museum has close to somewhere around fourteen interactive areas that bring to life the excitement which can be sensed by those visiting the museum for the first time. The moment you spot the near real wax idol of the iconic personality you are either shocked or you take time to gulp down the whole experience, you can find girls and the ladies going gaga over Johnny Depp and there are more who flock around the ever handsome David Beckham.  The taxi tour is an amazing way of reconnecting with the London’s history, but there is another segment the star wars section you might yourself get stuck at those counters something everyone wants to take a picture with.

Tower of London
Tower of London may not drive some happy memories from the past, nevertheless the place has a historical significance, it has a grim reputation that might be scary and not welcoming but then it is also a part of the London’s history. The place has been a prison , a place of torture and death sentences it has witnessed all within these walls of this massive architecture, but apart from this it has a history of royal palace also. The structure as it stands today has been one of the powerful fortresses of the royal family of London. The story of zoo is also hidden somewhere in these stories as you understand and learn about the wild and wonderful beasts who had inhabited this place you can probably draw a parallel wherein  the concept of opening a zoo at the same base came from. The guide at this place will pelt out some of the amazing stories about the crown jewels and also will bring out d=some of the horrific tales about the bloody tales which surround the Tower of London and also some stories about the battles being fought and prisoners taken in their custody.

Trafalgar Square
This is situated in the heart of the city an emblem of the London’s rich cultural heritage and one of the most vibrant places in the middle of the city, it has a lot more to offer than people can ever think of. The place is just not a square, but it is surrounded by the historical monuments, museums and immense cultural spaces apart from some of the best sightseeing places it also has a café where you are served the refreshments. The history of this place pans out as early as the fourteenth century era when it used to serve some other purpose but the concept of making the Trafalgar square open space for the culture hungry people was conceptualised by none other than John Nash in the eighteenth century period. The place is beautiful with fountains in the middle of the square  and at the base of the Nelson’s column their sits the four bronze made lions as if on guard, a spectacular view for those who are visiting the square for the first time in their life. It has hosted and witnessed many events of cultural significance and also during Christmas celebrations; people are almost at the square with variety of performances.

Buckingham Palace
People staying in the London accommodation and those who are at the Montcalm hotel London have often come to visit London just to see the grandeur of the Buckingham Palace and if lady luck smiles on them then they stand a chance to see the Queen. A London local is as proud of his queen as the tourists or travellers from far away distances, for a glimpse of the Queen can make their day. The palace has served as the official residence to the royal lineage since the eighteenth century period. The palace is huge and has close to seven hundred plus rooms and few of the rooms are on exhibitions too. The place is famous for hosting the garden parties for the celebrities who fly down to be with the queen, it also the focal point for some of the national celebrations. The concerts or music festivals are staged in the garden area itself. It is the balcony of this palace that has lived some of the most emotional moments when the masses connect with their queen. The Buckingham palace is open to the visitors in the summer months and during the winters the palace is open for public only for a limited time period but the dates and timings can be checked online also before you plan your vacations so that you can plan accordingly.

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