London Bars with the Most Stunning Views

London skyline itself is the most appreciable thing to be watched. People love to visit the capital city for its beauty and charm which is easily reflected in the aura and winds of London. When it comes to entertainment there is nothing more that you can enjoy sipping a pint of your favourite drink at one of the best roof top bars in London experiencing the best views of the city’s skyline.

Those who are in search of some of the finest cocktail connections have come to the right place. London helps you to scroll down some of the best cocktail bars.

The city is slightly a different place to drink and with so many options you will be left spoiled for choices. The best part about some of the most iconic bars is the breathtaking view it offers. Are you also in search of a slightly different place to drink wherein you can have the best of both the world’s including a drink as well as the most stunning views? If yes these bars shall make you feel as if you are sitting in a heaven and enjoying your favourite drink.

The London Sky Bar
As the name suggests the London sky bar offers stunning views and arguably the best ones in the entire city. The sky bar overlooks the most popular attractions and sightseeing including the Thames, Tate and Houses of Parliament. David Cameron is supposed to be a fan of this sky bar boasting of highly impressive views.

Just like impressive restaurants in Shoreditch these bars offering the most stunning views are extremely popular.

Savour some Whiskey at the Coq d’Argent
The coq d’ Argent has something in store for all booze lovers. The menu comprises of lots of varieties from all across the globe including the best of champagnes and cocktails, however it majorly specialises in Whisky. Moreover, the best part about this venue is its ultimate views. One can catch a glimpse of some of the A list skyscrapers including the very popularly known Gherkin which in itself is a place to be while you are in London. The gardens at the Coq d’Argent are well manicured and are worth exploring.

Bird of Smithfield
Apart from delicious and extensive bar menu this top floor bar on the roof of ex-Ivy chef Alan Bird’s five floor venue exclusively for dining has a lot more to offer. Since it is a rooftop bar the stunning views make the place all the more impressive.

Searcys at The Gherkin
Experiencing the views from the Gherkin is yet another fascinating experience in itself. Being a part of this truly amazing skyscraper in London is a memory in itself. Searcys occupies the top three floors of this iconic skyscraper. You will not find a better view of London than the Searcys in London. For stunning and mind blowing views of the city one can enjoy at the London’s highest private members club.

M hotel by Montcalm in Shoreditch London Tech City is one of the ideal hotel accommodations which suit all kinds of travellers.

The Cutty Sark
It is a comfortable place wherein few chilled drinks are offered along with some of the best views. The Cutty Sark is ideally situated on the banks of River Thames. The views of Canary Wharf make this place a real retreat to leafy Greenwich. One will surely remember a historic boozer with unparalleled views.

Kensington Roof Gardens
This private members club is an impressive roof top terrace which is a part of the Kensington roof gardens. One and a half acres of greenery makes this place all the more stunning. A special wow factor is associated with this venue as it is treated well for every special night out. The marvellous views of the London skyline are well attached to its beauty and popularity. The club features lush themed gardens which is spread over 1.5 acres above the Kensington High Street.

The OXO Tower Bar
This yet another iconic bar in London is on the eighth floor of the city’s iconic OXO tower in Southbank London. Seeing this bar from outside is just not enough, however an inside experience is a must. The bar is on the river facing terrace. Enjoy the drinks here at best prices. People those who prefer something modern come right here as its garden terrace and panoramic London skyline views serve globally influenced brasserie.

Vista at the Trafalgar
High above the Trafalgar Square experience the concept of roof top bars featuring the best views of London. This winter season explore the south west corner of the well known Trafalgar Square. This rooftop bar offers panoramic views from the Royal Opera House to the Horse Guards Parade thus, making it an ideal venue for celebrating every special occasion. The venue is quite glamorous along with serving the best of cocktails featuring a great menu.

The list to these iconic and splendid rooftop bars with a captivating view all across London is endless. So, if you are in London this winters sip in your favourite drink at any of these amazing venues.

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