How Customers can be Persuaded to Book a Room Directly on a Hotel Website

Hotel companies can be very successful if they get customers onto their website to book a room directly. This means they will rely less on OTAs or Online Travel Agencies to get hotel reservations. Accommodation firms obviously need OTAs when they first start up their firm as they provide incredible exposure, but the plan should be to encourage tourists to book on their website. OTAs such as Expedia, and TripAdvisor are very popular sites so travellers will naturally go there to reserve a room or suite. Hotel firms will be happy that tourists are booking rooms at their residence, but they lose money by paying commissions.

Businesses should not be spending a great chunk of money from their precious hotel budget on paying third-party websites. There are plenty of ways to avoid doing this especially for an established firm. What hotel companies should concentrate on first is creating a wonderful website that looks professional and more importantly works quickly. One of the most crucial things to think about is the reservation process and superb booking engine software needs to be used. Once a customer has discovered an accommodation and been to visit then it is a great opportunity for staff members to keep in touch to get them to book directly on the site.

There should definitely be some special offers available to tourists to encourage them to book on the website. There could be deals available on social media pages such as Twitter and Facebook, or money off for booking early for a seasonal event such as Christmas or Easter. This will definitely help create loyal customers and reservations should increase as there will hopefully be a greater amount of website traffic. Special packages should also be created to encourage travellers to visit the hotel so deals for spa or meeting room use should be offered. Travellers want to find a reason to visit a residence so hotels must inspire them.

A website needs to be mobile-responsive as so many people use smartphones nowadays to book their holidays, whether that is for flights or rooms. Being on social media is also very important for hotel companies as they can entice customers that they may not have been able to reach normally. Tourists adore learning about the everyday workings of a hotel and would enjoy knowing about what is happening at a property. Online visibility is vital for any company and allows travellers to learn about a firm and hopefully want to head to the hotel. An easy to navigate website with attractive landing pages and booking engine is also vital.

Companies must definitely hire the amazing staff members at Digital Hoteliers marketing agency that know plenty about creating an excellent website. This incredible company will generate a bespoke website that includes lots of keywords and phrases to entice new customers. They will ensure it is easy to navigate and will optimise the website so it looks impressive on a desktop computer, tablet and mobile phone. The superb Booking Direct reservation system on the website is multi-lingual to appeal to customers around the globe. It is also multi-currency tool so that travellers can pay in a number of ways for their room.

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