Fun in Covent Garden, London

London has been in the tourist’s mind for long and in case you are one of the luckiest people to visit this place, then it is better to be prepared in every way. London has a certain vibrancy which is a fresh breather for all the visitors and tourists and the options for sightseeing are plenty, but then there is a better option in case you are planning to spend a whole day on your own.  Covent Garden is the place where you will be hooked and booked for all that is happening one of the favourites of a few of my colleagues who had been staying at luxury hotels in London city centre prior to visiting this place they had no idea as to what the place has to offer but once they took a visit they had ounces to speak for the same.

The place is open throughout three sixty five days and in case you are going for the weekdays then the place opens up from ten in the morning till late at eight in the evening and in case you choose a Saturday then you have a bonus one hour as the place opens up at nine in the morning. Sundays I must say are lousy both for the tourists and shopkeepers it is only during the midday hours that the Covent Garden says a hello. The place is not far away from the Covent garden tube station, the other stations which are closer is the Leicester square which is five minutes’ walk from the place, the Charing cross station which is 6 minutes’ walk from the station to be precise.  Holborn and Temple are also nearby stations with a walking distance of somewhere around 10 to 11 minutes of walk.

People who love to ride bikes can hire it either from the Southampton street or the  Bow street and as you walk to the corner of the Russell street you are bound to get another cycle rack where you can hire the lean machine to ride to the Covent Garden. Regular bus services also ply wherein tourists take that route too, in case you love waterways catch the boat at the Embankment.

The history of the Covent Garden dates back to the sixteenth century, when this was a regular market place wherein traders would sell their goods to the buyers, but nobody thought of building the infrastructure at least till the late 18th century where this lovely building was built up. The place is vibrant enough to host multiple workshops, exhibitions and plays as and when  the time comes, in the upcoming weeks there were fabulous exhibitions being held by the organisers and some other brands. Like the Lego workshop is an equal attractor in the adults section and the kids section and nobody can deny this opportunity of being a part of this whole thing. Occasionally there are parties being organised to celebrate different occasions like the Christmas and New Year, it’s a huge event wherein people throng this place from various parts of the city if you have an opportunity to make it here do not hesitate. Few of my friends who made it to London during the Christmas time had an excellent opportunity being provided by the Marble Arch By Montcalm London wherein passes had been arranged for an event in the Covent Garden and not to forget that they thoroughly enjoyed the party as the music was apt with the ambience was perfect and the mood was set right.

The iconic Laduree is one of the market places not to be missed by whoever visits the Covent Garden it is on one of the best locations as few of my friends staying at the montcalm marble arch  had gone on one of the Christmas eve celebrations they did not know where to hang out so just started for the Laduree and the view that met their eyes was incredible the place is on one of the stories has a lovely balcony. They are a sweet hooker so the place was awesome  for them as they had to their disposal a wide variety of some real awesome desserts made out of incredible stuff, as they approached the balcony the  view that met their eyes was breath taking. The balcony overlooks the Wester Piazza you can see the hustle and bustle all around and all you need to do or wanting to do is just stare at the madness wherein you see ladies and gents equally walking past with bags of their favourite products bought for themselves or their loved ones.

Each one of them has something to do at the Garden dotingly called there are a variety of products for ladies, gents, I was just stuck by the sight of some amazing stolls picked up by women and then there are other variety of goods on the need basis. There are beauty treatments available in the spas around the place just take a short while off from your shopping spree while you get pampered it is not a retreat for the ladies but a safe and enjoyable experience for the male members too,. I shyly admit to the fact that how my male counterparts just took to these beauty havens while they waited for their wives who were anyways busy shopping.

Diners paradise that is how I describe the dining experience at the Garden the multitude of options leaves you confused, but then your palate knows what you are really looking for. If you are in an experimentative mood, then the Maxwells Bar and Grill gives you the steaks to die  for , as the food is piping hot you just have the time to  dig in your teeth. To end the evening catch up for a play you will surely not be disappointed as there are loads of options. Overall the place just hands over to you an amazing experience, something you can really look forward to and believe me, you will take this experience with you always wherever you go.

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