Few Interesting Facts About the Evolution Of The Hotel Reservation System

Today people can book hotels, buy things, make reservations and even rent cars with just a few clicks on their mobile. But there was a time when booking was done through centralized reservation systems that were introduced during the 50’s. Various tasks like hotel booking, inventory control, customer information, store data and all the other transactions were done through the same platform. Even though this system was mainly used by the airlines in the later years the travel industry started using it extensively. Slowly its usage spread all over the world as people started booking and selling tickets for various platforms like the airline, hotels and even car rentals.

THE Introduction OF The GDS

This went on until the Global Distribution System was created in the 60’s. It has a much more advanced and automated version of the system that was used previously. During the 60’s the GDS was basically the only system that was used in every part of the world for booking purposes. But as it was automated and more advanced than the previous ones people could use it for multiple purposes like sales, marketing as well as the other distribution requirements of the hotel.

Customized Booking Systems

Slowly the hoteliers started realising the benefits of using a booking system that is meant specifically for their business. Due to the immense benefits offered by an electronic distribution system they were compelled to start thinking of building their very own management system. Later this was known as a Property Management System and was used by hoteliers all over the world. Even though it was mainly adopted from the city codes and the frameworks of the systems used by the airlines it was extremely popular among the various hoteliers.

The Multiple Functions

These systems were so popular among the hoteliers because of its automated functions like bookings, check-ins, sale origin, reservations, quality management and materials management. As there were still no other systems apart from the GDS plenty of issues surfaced at the hotel’s end. The most common issue was that everyone wanted their system to work in a certain way which was beneficial for them. This way there was too much inconsistency and chaos everywhere. Luckily by this time there was a new trend in the market of dot-com websites which gave most reputed hotels the chance to get their own websites with their brand names. This is exactly how the Hotel Reservation System and the travel web that people are using today, came into existence.

The New Age Web Applications

Huge efforts were made to create customer friendly designs and to make sure that all information reaches the people accordingly. Not just this, even direct connections were built between the website and the PMS as well as the GDS, through advanced system designs and IT operations. Various channel managers were developed in between the late 80’s and the mid 90’s which were used for transmitting the rates as well as availability to the different online travel agencies and distribution channels GDS. These OTAs that were born during the 90’s were basically used for comparing the rates of the different hotels and finding competitively priced rooms. Sometimes along with rooms, rates for services like flights, car rentals, and travel packages were also compared by using these platforms. Even though it was developed first during the 90’s even today the OTAs are evolving along with the various new changes in the market.

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