Discover Alternate Tourist Attractions in London

Every tourist coming to the capital city of England for a holiday has their fixed plans and itineraries. However, it is a fact that the city is quite diverse and there is a lot that you can do and can enjoy here. It is nearly impossible for travel freaks to witness the entire city in just few days. There are tourist spots from which you get a deep insight as what exactly the history and culture of the place is.

Boasting of some of the iconic attractions the city is widely known for its best music scene, perfect sightseeing and great entertainment spots. Rather London is so huge that why a person just wants to visit only the popular attractions? Attractions like Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament are the most overdone ones. Moreover, if you are new to the city then you may find yourself standing up in long queues in order to make an entry to these places, instead one can explore a lot more which not many people know about.

Just like it is convenient for any tourist to stay at the M by Montcalm Shoreditch London Tech City Hotel, it is not at all important to catch a glimpse of these attractions which almost everyone coming to the city would be seeing. Mentioned below are few alternative attractions which one must prefer to visit instead of the usual ones:

Visit Kew Palace Instead of Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace is no doubt the real majestic palace; however the Kew Palace is no less. It is a royal palace in Jew Gardens situated on the banks of River Thames. This royal treat is open for visitors and is taken care by an independent charity which has no funding either from the government or the crown. At this palace you can actually sense the joys and sorrows of the past real life. At some point in time this palace was used by George III, Queen Charlotte along with their children. Buckingham Palace certainly allures travellers, but you may have to wait in long queues. Thus, the Kew palace can be alterative palace which is worth visiting too.

Visit Grant Museum of Zoology Instead of Natural History Museum
As the name suggests the natural history museum is a museum exhibiting all sorts of specimens from various segments of natural history. Do you have the passion to explore dinosaurs and their fossils and skeletons?

The Natural history museum boasts of housing around 65 million year old skeletons of T-Rex etc. Instead of witnessing this obvious museum, a visit to the Grant museum of zoology can be fun and more interesting. This museum also has dinosaurs along with other animal specimens too. I am sure the kids are going to love this.

Instead of Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace, try the Household Cavalry museum
You must have heard about changing the guard ceremony at the palace. This is a ceremony when the guard at the palace change their duties. It is a much witnessed event and is always surrounded by the crowds, however to see behind the scenes and workings of the royal life sounds more interesting, isn’t it?

The household cavalry museum is one of the prominent royal sites. It boasts of showcasing century old traditions, ceremonies, customs and al behind the scene workings of the royal guards. Visitors can take a sneak peak into the stables and can watch how the horses are being treated and groomed.

Instead of Cruise along the Thames Try Boat Ride through Little Venice
When it comes to cruising along the Thames there are plethora of options, but Regent’s Canal is one of the best hidden spots in the city. It is not known by many thus, it has restored its original beauty and charm.

A cruise through the tranquil Regent’s park and exploring several waterfront pubs alongside is a great experience in itself.

While you are in London trying out clubs in Shoreditch is a must. Clubbing and partying has always been an integral part when it comes to lively entertainment here. Thus, clubbing in Shoreditch is worth trying.

Try The Fourth Plinth Instead of Nelson’s Column
Fourth plinth is the northwest plinth in the famous Trafalgar Square. It is where a cock looks out over Trafalgar Square. This giant blue cock can be seen completely differently than the greatest military figures which are also commemorated at the Square. Trafalgar Square has always been a famous tourist hotspot.

Try East End Galleries Instead of The Tate Modern
Majorly for all art lovers Tate Modern and National Gallery are like epic places to visit. These top galleries in London might be extremely popular, but The Tate Modern is a place where most exciting new art is being produced. For new art lovers and those who want to admire the latest projects of the budding artists the Tate modern is the right place for them to be at.

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