Bucket List for must do in West London

People like my friends have already planned there visit  to London, but do we really understand what are those places where we need to be and the decision to be there is the most difficult of all.  The best way to resolve this problem is to make a bucket list even before you book your tickets so that you are prepared in well advance. To start with lets focus on the West London part  of the city and the place opens up to so many beautiful options which one should be aware of before planning, few of them are below.

Soho’s Chinese New Year parade
The Chinese New Year parade is one of the most popular attractions during the month of February and every year this ritual is followed without fail, in case you happen to be visiting in the earlier week, then try being a part of this festival as the parade takes a route starting from Soho through Trafalgar square to the Shaftesbury Avenue. The Trafalgar is decorated and there is a multitude of events being organised here and you can hear the cheering crowd and the enthusiasm of the celebration is quite contagious get ready to get inflicted by the same.

Trip to Venice
The place is very much in London just to the north part of the Paddington it is said that the place is very much a union of the Grand Union and Regent canal with a perfect atmosphere. With the calm and serene environment you can spend their some time or sit for hours , there are moored boats which can be hired for the whole day and perhaps some rowing can also be done in case you are not interested in boating there are riverside cafes. Beautiful, funky looking hang out areas are there near the little Venice area where you get some amazing piping hot food and also grasp a pint of beer while you chit chat with your friends. My friends who made it to this place from the Piccadilly London West End  had a very amazing experience as they hopped to plenty of cafes and tasted the wide variety of food and assortments that were offered at these joints. A perfect place to spend some quality time in solace and also enjoy the sight around.

Oxford and Cambridge boat race
This annual boat race between the Oxford and Cambridge is a high voltage drama and not to be missed in case you are vacationing during that time of the year. On the river Thames these two teams along with their supporters go for a boat race wherein they row for a four miles and a quarter mile more to win the championship, as the race begins the supporters of the two teams are very enthusiastic and there is a lot of cheering and jeering that happens at the banks, you can see people ogling through the binoculars and not a moment goes when the palpitations are felt around. Every year in the month of March on the Easter Sunday the race is scheduled in case you are around in London during this time do go for this high voltage event.

Hounslow’s Bell
A famous outdoor event arena from dancers to acrobats to theatrics you name it and the juices of creativity flows in here. The place has an established reputation of holding some breath taking performances as  even my dancer  friends who were staying at the hotels in Paddington London gave some mind blowing performances and enthralled the audiences, there are people who just walk up to these places and you do not need to worry about reservation.

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At the Wimbledon
During the Wimbledon’s you can see people queuing up at the lawns from earlier in the morning as few who have come to London only to be a witness to the great matches being played here. You can feel the vibe as you see the tennis champions battling for the title so in case you are available and in London during the time be there at the grounds.

Relaxing at the Ruislip Lido
In case you get some me time at the banks of a beach you might not mind spending hours at a stretch. This Lido is where there is as expansive as sixty acres spread lake and an artificial beach being built in the West side of London and very few know about this whole set up. During summers you can take with you your family to be there at the beach and take a book with you while there is a lull or play around in the water with your kids, or chide away to welcome a romantic sunset while you see the sun going down.

Time at the Kew Gardens
In case you love flowers you are at the perfect place the Kew gardens is the botanical garden of the London city people visit this place during the months of summers and winters and there are rows of seasonal flowers being grown with a lot of care and love. As you visit the property you can see various kinds and families of flowers which might be a very new and hybrid in the breed you can also take souvenirs with you for your loved ones.

Lumiere Festival
This light and sound iconic festival is a major crowd puller for the London tourists as the dusk begins to dawn upon the area there are various projections in the sky at times you can see a projection of 3 D figure and at times there is Buckingham Palace being showcased, as the Queen appears in the sky there is a loud cheer from the crowd people just love the way they are engrossed with the whole light and sound show. In order to be there, please be at the King’s cross at the Mayfair lands in the Piccadilly area at times it is also the Trafalgar square where you can see the event.

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