Amazing Historic Sites That Tourists Have To Visit When They Are In The City Of London

London offers a range of wonderful attractions that include incredible buildings that tourists will marvel at during their trip to the city. One of the best is Southwark Cathedral that is a Gothic building with a stunning interior. This amazing house of worship was used by famous people including writers Chaucer and Shakespeare, as well as James I of Scotland. In the 20th century this building was completely restored and is still used for services today. There are exhibits that chart the cathedral’s history inside the building, and this is also a particularly popular destination for midnight mass and carol services during the Christmas period.

Trafalgar Square

Trafalgar Square may just be considered somewhere travellers wander through to arrive at another destination, but it is a very special historic area. It is the capital’s largest square and commemorates the victory over the French in a battle off the coast of Spain. This was led by Lord Horatio Nelson and his statue stands on a column at the centre of the square. There are always many celebrations held throughout the year here including Diwali and Christmas. Tourists should also definitely venture to see Big Ben that is one of the most famous sights in the capital. It is a stunning clock tower that is an important part of the London skyline.

Travellers heading to central London will want to stay at a hotel close to many attractions and sights. The Park Avenue Hotel Belgravia is a first-class choice of accommodation that is close to Victoria station, which is a great transport stop with trains, buses and tubes. This hotel in Ebury Street has top air-conditioned rooms and suites that are very comfortable. They have a range of modern amenities including a flatscreen television and Wi-Fi that is ideal for checking emails. The hotel is close to many eateries and shopping destinations such as Knightsbridge and Sloane Square. Travellers staying at this superb accommodation will be very happy with their choice as it offers a luxury hotel with brilliant staff service.

The Albert Memorial is a magnificent 14-foot statue of the prince that was commissioned by his wife Queen Victoria. It was designed by George Gilbert Scott who created a Gothic-style structure made of granite and marble. It’s found near the Royal Albert Hall also named after him that is worth a visit to marvel at its beautiful domed roof, and to experience its superb modern and classical concerts. An interesting attraction for history enthusiasts is the great Churchill War Rooms and Museum. This excellent venue tells the story of Prime Minister Winston Churchill who led his government to victory during the Second World War.

The Albert Memorial

Travellers who are fans of Sherlock Holmes will adore heading to Baker Street that is the fictional detective’s home. There is a museum there detailing some of his cases and plenty of memorabilia to get people excited. Nearby there is also Madame Tussauds that is housed in a gorgeous building, and there are plenty of other impressive pieces of architecture in the area. Another superb avenue to head to is the popular Charles Dickens Museum that is where the great author penned many of his famous novels including Oliver Twist. The house has been restored to its original appearance making this a unique experience for fans.

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