Visiting The Brick Lane Market For An Extraordinary Experience

Located in the eastern side of the city, Brick Lane Market is where the Eastern promise meets the East End chaos. So, you will find a perfect mix of the old and the new here. From bric-a-brac to fruits and vegetables and from furniture to vintage jewelry, you will get everything you ever ask for from this public square. It is like Aladdin’s treasure trove from old times in the new era. The best part of this market is you will get loads of fashionable items and junkies at reasonable and bargain prices.

If you are staying at any west end hotels london like The Piccadilly London West End Hotel then, you have to take a tube to other side of the city to visit Brick Lane market as it is located in heart of east London’s Bangladeshi community. However, you must need to know that this market operates only on Sundays between 9 in the morning till 5 in the evening. This place gives way to many strange discoveries and has also been a popular spot for photographers and art students.

Early And Recent History Of The Place

The original history of the place dates back to 17th century and it was then known as the lone farmer’s market held on every Sunday due to religious preferences of then, population of the area which were mostly Jewish. It is in the 20th century that the Brick Lane area experienced an arrival of Bangladeshi immigrants transforming this, area into a market place. You still find the Brick Lane market still famous for its curries.

Brick lane is growing faster since, the year 2000 and hosts of fashion fare are available at the covered Upmarket, whereas, the Back Yard has the all sorts of quirky stuff like jewels to T-shirts. Brick Lane Market in its full Sunday glory offers an interesting and colorful scene which a bit noisy and lots surprising with delicious smell, interesting sights and amusing stalls for all kinds of visitors to explore.

Some Things To Know

Since the new millennium many new markets have established under The Truman Markets umbrella and it is now known as Brick Lane Market as a whole. The various segments of this market is Boiler House Food Hall, the Sunday Upmarket, the Backyard Market and the Tea Rooms. You will find all your loved accessories vintage and handmade clothing, arts, music, crafts and much more within the market vicinity.

This market is also home to some popular South Asian restaurants and famous bagel shops in case, you take fancy on it. If you are expecting this place to be anything like that of Notting Hill’s market then, this is nowhere near even in a distant imagination of Notting Hill market. It is no cute, pretty or quaint but decidedly grungier and rougher and not to forget a haven for the trendsetters and hipsters. This place perfectly sums up to be what London is like with people from different nationalities and parts of the world are out and about here.

You will find people usually sitting on the soiled and scuffed sidewalks eating foods from the stalls around in plastic containers. If you want to enjoy the place, there is no getting fancy, instead get to its root and enjoy the most. The food trucks are located within the market premises seven days a week so be there anytime and taste some of the delicious cuisines ever.

Things Not To Miss

When you are at Brick Lane Market, there are some quirky shops in the neighborhood which you must check out. And any music buff must check out the Rough Trade East on Dray Walk as it is one of the best independent music shops in London playing host to in-store gigs.

When Brick Lane starts to take a toll on you, the solution lies in the premises with artisan food stalls which you will love. From rich Ethiopian coffee and dainty cupcakes to accompany, sipping on the cup will, vanishes your tiredness within a second. Moreover, there are dim sum, tapas and Japanese yakisoba to give your palate a tasty ride. A few stall owners also have lounging areas for customers to kick back and relax while there foods are getting ready. The handmade gastro burger on Dray Walk’s Moos Boosh is a thing to try, while here. This is where, the stall holders buy their lunch from.

At the same time, if you fancy a drop of London beer, there is a chance to have that too in Brick Lane Market at the authentic East end boozer.

Established in 2006, the Backyard Market is one of the newest vendors of Truman’s Markets. It houses over eighty stalls and allows young designers and artists to be a part of creative community through which they get chance to showcase their work. This market is first of its kind to be opened in this area on Saturdays.

Sunday UpMarket

This market operates every Sunday from 10 to 5 and is functional since September 2004. You will get to explore over 200 stalls here that are selling variety of products like handmade and vintage clothing, arts and crafts and much more. There are also few stalls selling organic foods. The items sold here are one of a kind and the producers or the stalls holders directly sell these items to the customers. The Upmarket is the emerging platform organic cuisine and designers.

Vintage Market

A dedicated Vintage Market includes stalls owned by European and British vintage specialists. The stalls offer clothes from the year 1920s to 1990s. The collection here are often unique and random with accessories and old trinkets which are now here else to find in London.

Ways For Transportation

The closest underground tube station to the Brick Lane market is Liverpool Street station and Aldgate East. If you are looking for Over ground train option then, Shoreditch High street station is also within walking distance. Visiting the Brick Lane market is must when you want to have a different perspective of London.

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