The Most Interesting Trends That Companies Must Watch Out For In Hotel Marketing

One of the most important things a hotel company needs to do is stay focused on trends in the travel industry. This way firms can keep their eye on updates and change their brand accordingly. For instance there is a greater need for amazing hotel restaurants as a trend was noted both business and leisure customers are often very busy, and just want to eat at the accommodation. This means a complimentary breakfast could actually sway a person into booking a room. Another interesting trend is customers wanting greater hotel security, so many accommodations around the world are now including CCTV at their properties.

Convenience is also very important to travellers and having an app to book hotel rooms is now considered absolutely necessary. Firms now have a chance to include mobile check-in and out on their apps, as well as include a code to get into rooms rather than using a key card. Technology in rooms is also very crucial as many customers arrive at a residence with some form of computer, so having Wi-Fi internet is important. Customers also like to have high-definition flatscreen televisions to have a relaxing night in during their stay at a hotel. It is these additions to a room that can really make a difference to whether customers book.

Something that is trending at the moment is the idea the autumn season is now considered to be just as popular as summer. The hotter months in any country are clearly going to be filled with tourists, so travellers are now considering other times of the year. This is to save money on tickets and hotel rooms, but also to visit when the weather is relatively fine just before the colder winter months. Hotel companies really need to think about promoting seasonal events on their websites in advance such as Christmas, Halloween and Easter.

A superb hotel digital marketing agency is Digital Hoteliers that offers the chance for firms to gain a lovely bespoke website. They will aid hotel companies to work out what the most important trends are and create advertising campaigns to match them. The agency will help create social media profiles and provide advice on how to manage them. They also have the excellent Booking Direct tool that offers a quick check out service with the option of many languages and currencies. This reservation tool helpfully includes Facebook and Google+ integration, and is incredibly easy to navigate that will entice customers to book online.

Something that this agency can help with is creating an amazing website, which according to trends is a very important part of a customer journey. Often potential guests click off a site if they feel that it is not easy to navigate. What members of the buying public really want is to have the hotel website look great on a desktop computer, tablet and a mobile phone. This way they can switch from one to another during research about a hotel. The booking system on all hotel websites should be first-class as customers will again leave the site if it takes too long. Hotel guests just want to be able to book their rooms without any hassles or delays.

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