The Hidden Secrets Of The Infamous King Cross!

Planning to spend the New Year in London? How about a short trip to the King Cross! Even though there are so many places to see in London the only place that draws millions of people from all over the world is the King Cross station. Ever since the release of the harry potter books people of all ages are visiting this place to feel the spirit and charm of the magical London. If you are a harry potter fan then you must have paid multiple visits to this place or are planning to do so in the coming years. But there is so much more to this place than just the station and the platform.

More About King Cross

It is common for people to think of this place as the location of the infamous King’s Cross and St Pancras stations. But if you search a little on the internet then you will find that there are dozens of things to do and see at this beautiful place. So if you are thinking of spending your vacation in London then you must book your accommodation in any of the 4 Star hotels in Paddington London. This is mainly because it will be easier to travel from  this area to the various parts of the city. But no matter where you are staying you must make a stop at the kings cross station and soak in everything that this place has to offer before moving on to the other popular tourist destinations of London. If you are travelling with kids then there is  a high possibility that the first place you will be visiting is the harry potter shop where they can click unlimited pictures and buy souvenirs for their friends. But once you are done with it there are plenty of museums, theatres, restaurants and pubs where you will be able to feel the spirit and charm of King Cross.

The Recent Redevelopments

No matter which month it is the entire place is always buzzing with tourists from both the local areas as well as the foreign countries. Once you arrive at the station you will see hundreds of travellers, students as well as the working Londoners who have to travel to and from the city. Due to the regeneration during the 1990s the place have flourished and turned into a  tourist hub that has outstanding clubs, posh restaurants, music venues, huge libraries and various other entertaining activities for both grown-ups as well as the kids. You will need at least a few days to explore all the recent redevelopments and the rich historical and the cultural background of the place.  So you must plan your trip accordingly and make advance bookings in the hotels for the entire family.

Where TO Stay

One place where you can stay comfortably with your partner and your kids is the Park Grand London Hyde Park Hotel. If you want to look for other options then you can search the internet can compare the facilities offered by the different hotels and pick the one that suits all your requirements. But if you are travelling to King Cross during the New Year or the Christmas then it is highly advised that you make advanced bookings otherwise all the comfortable suites and rooms will be booked which will cause a lot of inconvenience for the entire family.

The Illuminated Fountain Waters

The Granary Square  is probably the most attractive venue in king cross after the platform 9 ¾. The entire square is full of choreographed fountains with almost 1080 water spouts. The place is open to the public from 8am to 8pm so you can visit it right in the morning or while returning to the hotel at night. But if you want to get an authentic experience of the fountains of Granary Square then you need to visit at night. After the sun sets the fountains are lit up with multiple coloured lights which make the entire square look heavenly. So if you want to capture that moment in your camera then it is best to visit it at night when the whole place is illuminated. On sunny days the entire square is populated with the students as well as the tourists who want to sit for a while and enjoy the pleasant view of the choreographed fountains.

The Canal Museum

The next stop of your trip is at the London Canal Museum where you will be able to explore all the aspects of the canals of London. The people, the trade, vessels, and even the wildlife of the canals can be explored in this museum. Once you are done with the exhibition you can take a stroll on the canal-side and enjoy the scenic views. Beside the Regent’s Canal, you will find the serene and beautiful natural park on the Camley Street. The mixed woodlands, rainwater ponds  and the meadows of the park are home to numerous kingfishers and geese. Along with wildlife, you will also spot more than 300 plants as well as orchids at the Camley Street natural park.

The Books And Artworks

Another place that you must visit before leaving King Cross is the British Library. If you are a bookworm or a history buff this is the place where you need to be. This infamous library is not only the second largest in the entire world but also has unique collections like the lyrics of all the songs of The Beatles. Another place where you can get to know some interesting facts and see unique items without paying anything is the Wellcome Collection. The quirky exhibitions that are held at this place are basically because of the founder’s passion for travelling. Even though the spectacular exhibitions keep changing regularly the science and medicine exhibitions are open to the public throughout the year. So no matter when you are visiting you will always be able to visit these exhibitions. Well now that you know all about the hidden attractions of this place you should definitely make a stop at this magical station during your London trip!

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