Some Tips Of Must Dos For The First Timers In London

Since its advent over two centuries ago, London was always in the news. It is a city from which you can always expect something grand and royal. Apart from its own history which is centuries old, it has also left its mark and done its contribution in world history as well. So, no wonder this city is in one of the top holidaying and business destination of the world and as Londoners would call the capital, London is truly the city of firsts.

From grabbing the central London hotel deals this winter to staying at an exclusive hotel like Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel, everything in London will be a one of a kind experience for you. As a matter of fact, you experience in London starts the moment when your flight starts to descent in one of the London airports. The bird’s eye view of London Eye and Big Ben is like a prolog to the beautiful story called London.

You might hold London synonymous to traditional and world famous tourist attractions like St Paul’s Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and of course, the Tower of London. These popular landmarks stand for the rich heritage and royalty this country has been home to. However, there are lots more in London than what meets the eye.

A reality check for the first timers, just so you know that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world and you will get to know that from time to time after holidaying here. At the same time, there are also loads of free places to visit the museums and galleries along with a spot to hang out both outdoors and indoors. The green leafy squares can bring a bundle of joy and tranquility to your soul after a hard hitting day of sightseeing.

Ask any one that has spent a considerable time in London, and they all will agree that the best way to explore this vast city is by walking. The best way to start your venture of knowing the city is from popular Trafalgar Square, where there is the National Gallery too.  Then, make your way towards Westminster Bridge to the City of Westminster, and of the course, you can cover the Horse Guards Parade. The road has some of the mighty structure of London waiting like House of Parliament, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey all in a row.

After all these exciting trip and gathering much knowledge about the different spots, you can now do your feet some favor and have a nice big cup of coffee from the nearest Café Nero or Starbucks. If you are done with walking and looking for some other options to drop in at different places then, underground tube, over ground rails and the big red buses are also much convenient way to move around the city and easy to understand also.

Some Activities And Places A Must Do In London
Here you will get to know some of the best things to do which you take you further to the heart of the city and get on with its beat. One of the best ways to spend some time alone with this bustling city is when you will walk down the South Bank of River Thames and covering the distance between Westminster Bridge and Tower Bridge. This can be also your best romantic walks ever if you are holidaying in the city with your partner. Stop in between to have some fish and chips or waffles in between and make a day out of it. There are two different places in the city to get a panoramic view, and the popular amongst them is The London Eye. If you are lucky and the sky is clear, you will probably get the stunning view of the city, one of those moments which you will want to capture and never let go.

Do not just for the day after visiting Tower of London and there is yet another grand structure waiting for you to visit. You will be awed by the grandeur of Tower Bridge and how it is majestically standing over River Thames since Victorian Times. While here, another way to get the best bit of the city is to take a boat trip from Tower Bridge to Greenwich.

Walking tours are various and wide ranged in London and the mysterious yet widely popular amongst them is Jack the Ripper. One of the notorious and never to be caught serial murderer of London East End, Jack the Ripper lives on through these tours as you will follow the trail of his crimes and know stories and facts related to him.

London is not only a shopping place for big brands but, this place is also about finding happiness in little things like in Covent Garden there is the Jubilee Market for arts, gifts, antiques and for other trinkets. For mouthwatering pancakes, there is My Old Dutch in Holborn area.

As long as you are interested in having some of the best foods in London visit the Borough Market for finest and highest quality gourmet foods and also to taste street foods from all over the world. One of the best places for food lovers to be in London, Borough market is also the largest food market in the capital. And lastly, there is Canary Wharf, though it is the business district of London but, you will also get to see some of the tallest buildings in the UK, here.

All these might be a little too information for the first time visit and a little overwhelming too but, you might be well getting ready or it as when you will be in London, a lot will be happening around you which you will not like to miss. This city is multiculturalism at its best and the best part everyone will get something in store for the in this vibrant and bustling city. So, make sure you are ready for what London has in store for you.

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