List Of The Best Playgrounds In London

There are so many playgrounds all around the city of London that not only the adults but the children too, love to spend time in the capital. There are the royal parks and nestled in most of them are the playgrounds which are enjoyed by tiny tots and bigger children alike.

Diana Memorial Playground
• Nestled inside the Kensington Gardens and probably the favorite place for the kids in here is the Diana Memorial Playground.

• It is located next to the home of the late Princess Diana, Kensington Palace and is an ideal tribute to the Princess who loved childhood and the innocence which came with it.

• This free playground is enjoyed by more than a 1,000,000 visitors every year. Kids love to play here and let their imagination soar high without any bounds.

• It is magical place for them. A large wooden pirate ship is the center of attraction and there is a beach around the ship with various toys and play sculptures.

• Apart from that, there are teepees and sensory trail. All these things are set against the backdrop of lush and beautiful greenery where the accompanying adults can relax and while away their time.

• The design of the play area is such that both able bodied and less able bodied children can play at the same time.

Playground At Primrose Hill
• Just like Regent’s Park, Primrose Hill has a character of its own. The grassy hill stretched across miles also provides some of the best views in London.

• It is a great place and is perfected by King Henry VIII. Besides, the iconic landscaping there is a children’s lake with pedalos and the play area is recently refurbished.

• There are also many opportunities for outdoor activities, sports facilities and also public toilets.

Regent’s Park
• A Royal park with lots of open spaces and opportunities for family games and outdoor exploration for kids is the Regent’s Park.

• The recently refurbished Marylebone Green Playground have recently been refurbished and is now a wonderland for kids with climbing frames, sand pits, seesaws and it is divided into three themed zones.

• This park is also the largest grass area in Central London available for sports and you can also bring a bat and ball for your kids to play with them too.

• The children will also find Queen Mary’s Garden and Victorian style Avenue Garden appealing as it contains the largest collection of roses in London.

 Greenwich Park Playground
• Greenwich is a World Heritage Site and Greenwich Park is a Royal Park with iconic grassland of almost 183 acres serving as a shelter to birds, foxes and deer.

• It is a lovely place for family and kids where they can ramble with nature and explore the surrounding areas.

• There is also a nicely equipped children’s playground with lots of entertainment like puppet shows and also workshops during the summer school holidays.

Battersea Park
• Battersea Park is a great place with playground and also a zoo for the little ones to play. Here the little ones can enjoy exploring the animals up close and personal.

• There are also a large sandpit, diggers, fire engine and also fort. The park offers many varieties with hidden secrets and many activities which the both the children and the grownups will simply love.

• You will get chance to feed the ducks and see herons from the wildlife sanctuary present there.

Holland Park
• It is one of the finest outdoor spaces in London which is not only a good place for kids but is also an ideal one for horticulturists.

• The playground has extensive climbing equipment with giant see-saw, zip wire and tyre swing as well.

• There is also a fenced separate area for younger children. Adults can also enjoy opera and open aired theatre which is also staged in this park.

• The park is also known to provide facilities for tennis, cricket, football and also nte ball practice.

Corams Fields
• A unique place for children living or visiting London, Corams Field, where children can play as they wish and also enjoy various activities and programs.

• There is also extensive lawn for free plays and is the right place for families looking to have a nice time and also picnic.

• There is an artificial turf sports pitches, sandpits and also a paddling pool. A pets corner is also available with goats, sheep, hens, ducks and many more.

Buck Hill Playground, Kensington Gardens
• It is also called Lancester Gate Playground; Buck Hill is located inside a park. It is also near to Paddington station and falls within five minute walking distance.

• It is a basic playground with regular and baby swings, balancing apparatus, a climbing frame and also some slides.

• There is also a Playcafe located within the premise which offers kids friendly food and is loved by every young visitor.

• This playground is also located near the Hyde Park stables on Bathhurst Mews off the near end of Clifton Street.

• Parents can walk to the mews houses and show their children how the horses are eating, taken and care of and groomed.

• There are also public toilets located just 300 meters off the playground.

Thus, whether you are staying at hotels in hyde park like Grand Royale hotel Hyde park London, these playgrounds are within few minutes distance or walking distance. You can enjoy these places on your own or with kids as there are so many things to do.

There are also other Royal Parks in the city which you can enjoy and each one has an interesting history that you will love to know. For all these reasons London is an ideal place for kids and adults alike as there are so many things to do and so many fantasies to explore as they only come true in this city and nowhere else in the world.

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