How to Make the Most of a Day’s Stay at London

London is a vast metropolis and it is home to an incredibly large number of must-see attractions and many other places of interest. Such is the magnitude of the number of places worth visiting that a first-time tourist can easily get confused as to which places to visit, particularly if he is in the city for a just a short while. If he is in the city for only a day, the problem is even more intriguing. However, the following itinerary has been worked out for going past most of the major attractions in a day but it would be best if the stay in the city can be extended to 2 or even 3 days in order to make the most of the visit.

Westminster Abbey:

For starting the sightseeing, you should take a tube to Westminster and see Westminster Abbey which is an iconic and historic site that has seen the coronations of many kings and queens. It is best to reach the place before 9:30am when it opens so that you are ahead of the crowds.

Houses of Parliament:

Coming out of Westminster Abbey, you will face the seat of the country’s political power, the Houses of Parliament . However, it may not be possible to visit this place, especially its debating chambers if you are in the city for just a day. The place is worth appreciating even from the outside. You will also be able to see the famous Big Ben.

No 10 Downing Street:

You can then walk north along Whitehall and see the Prime Minister’s residence if you look down Downing Street. However, you will not be allowed to walk to the front door of the Prime Minister’s residence because of security concerns.

Trafalgar Square:

If you keep moving north on Whitehall, you will reach Trafalgar Square which is the core of London and its activities. It is one of the most famous squares in London and the venue of quite a few public demonstrations.

Buckingham Palace:

You should then pass through Admiralty Arch in the western corner of the square and move down the hill to reach Buckingham Palace. However, apart from admiring the majestic building and maybe, seeing the Changing of the Guard that takes place at 11:30am and that too for just a few minutes, you won’t have time to see the interior.

St James’s Park:

Going back to Trafalgar Square you can take a detour into the adjoining St James’s Park.

National Gallery:

If you go to the north side of the square, you will find the National Gallery where you can see finest pieces of art covering over 8 centuries. It would be best to spare an hour to see this wonderful collection.

Leicester Square:

The next stop is Leicester Square that you can reach by going north along Charing Cross Road and then taking a left turn. At the centre is the TKTS booth where reduced-priced tickets to West End shows are available. You can get one for the evening show.

Take a Break:

Going back to Trafalgar Square, you can select one of the cafes where you can stop for lunch and relax for a while.

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Somerset House:

Having rested for a while, you can continue your tour by going east along the Strand as far as Waterloo Bridge and reaching Somerset House where you could have seen the Courtsauld Gallery and Embankment Galleries if you had more time at your disposal. But if you are on a one-day trip, all you can do is to see the magnificent courtyard briefly.

Covent Garden:

Moving back west along the Strand and then up to Southampton Street, you can reach Covent Garden where you can see the street performers on the Piazza, take a stroll through the market, see St Paul’s Church and visit the London Transport Museum. You may have time only for one of these attractions.

St Paul’s Cathedral:

Moving north up James Street, and taking the Piccadilly Line northbound and changing to the Central Line at Holborn and then travelling two stops, you will reach this church where you can climb up 500 steps to enjoy a splendid view from the top of the dome.

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Millennium Bridge & River Thames: You can take this detour only if you are staying for more than a day.

Tate Modern:

If you go south from the cathedral courtyard and cross the pedestrianised bridge across River Thames, you will reach this premier museum of modern art but you can only fully appreciate it if you have time.

Routemaster Bus:

Going back to St Paul’s Churchyard, you can take a ride on one of the iconic buses on route 15H, which runs every 15 minutes as a heritage service.

Tower of London:

After a 10 to 15 minutes’ journey, you will reach this nine centuries old place which has served several purposes through its existence. It will be best to reach there in the afternoon to avoid the crowds.

Tower Bridge:

From the Tower of London, you can go east and walk across this iconic bridge. After crossing the bridge, you can stop for a drink at a bar or pub and also have a pizza, if you are feeling hungry. You can then see a show at one of West End’s theatres, if you had bought a ticket at Leicester Square.

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