Ultimate London Travel Guide For Visitors

London is a beautiful and attractive city, and there is always so much to do and see. This capital of the UK is also a thriving multicultural metropolis. It is in stark contrast with the spectacular historic sites and monuments as it is also a busy cultural scene which you will not find anywhere else in UK. You can expect from these facts, that London will make an interesting and exciting trip with buzzing nightlife, shopping and also great cuisines to try from all around the world, right here in the city. It is a wonderful destination in the truest sense.

When you are talking about the exciting things in London, the hotels are not as wide apart as they will also give you some of the exquisite experience. To enjoy it stay in some of the finest places in the city like The Montcalm At The Brewery London City or get Accommodation Near Brewery Road London City. You will also get many hotel deals in London along with exciting discounts if you are visiting this place in the off season.

Some of the quick things you need to know before visiting this city is English is so far, the most common language spoken here. You can use the British pound here, and as an exchange, you will get 1.65 US Dollars per pound. Most of the places, like shopping streets and markets, have bureau de change around and most of the retailer also accepts Visa and MasterCard.

The climate experienced by this city is usually mild, and the temperature rarely climbs to uncomfortably low or high. However, it is worth giving a shot to carry an umbrella or a raincoat whenever you are traveling to London.

Some Essential Points To Remember
After getting a quick sneak peek of the city and what to expect from it, here are the detailed information about other factors to consider which will ensure a safe and comfortable stay in the city without worrying about unnecessary luggage and weather issues.

Best Time To Visit
There is no good or bad time to visit London. However, you need to consider few things before planning your dates of the trip. As you will be in Britain, daylight hours are usually the biggest factors and so you would like to take the trip to warmer months when the temperature is comparatively comfortable. At the same time, Christmas months and New Year’s Eve is also a great time to pay a visit.

Packing Essentials In London
Once you have decided your dates, it is now time to pack the things and head for your destinations. You will like to rewind the stuff you pack. And depending on the month of visit, there are few things which will vary, and it is always a good idea to bring layers and comfortable shoes and it will involve a lot of traveling. And another important thing is the umbrella or raincoat and sunscreens to protect your skin and help you save yourself from the sudden spells this city experiences all year round.

Events And Festivals In The City
Planning your London trip revolving around any particular festival or event will make the holiday even more exciting than usual. At the same time, there are quite a few options you have to do so. To start with, there are the New Year’s Eve fireworks to kick start the New Year. It is followed by Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year and also the Magic Lantern Festival.

In the spring months, there are also a few things to catch up with like London Coffee Festival and popular Chelsea Flower Show. You can also visit the Garden Squares weekend, where the city’s many secluded gardens are opened for public visit.

Following the spring is the summer, when the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is held beside, Wimbledon Tennis Championships. Participate in the Proms at Royal Albert Hall and Notting Hill Carnival, and with that, you will see the city in September lights.

As the winds turn chilly and the leaves change its colors, Autumn events show up with Open House London. This is where the architectural gems of the city becomes accessible to the public. There is also the Poppy Day, Bonfire Night and in November you will get to visit the Lord Mayor’s Show as the Christmas lights slowly lit up to round the year in a joyous mood.

Attractions And Sightseeing In London
The major attractions of the city are quite well known including Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, and London Eye being the iconic landmarks of the city. To dominate the historical scene of the city, there is St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abbey. Also the primary feat of Victorian engineering, Tower Bridge is a must-see attraction of London.

Some, of the visited museums and galleries of the city being the Tate Modern, British Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum, will give you a chance to spend an afternoon learning about the cultural scene of the city both from the past and contemporary. If you have kids, then, visit the Natural History Museum and National Gallery.

To get a bit further away, there is Greenwich with some of its World Heritage Sites like The Royal Observatory. Apart from that, Hampton Court Palace is also a great place to visit. And there is no single trip to the city is complete without soaking yourself in the rich cultural trends of the West End.

Off-Beaten Tracks
If you have already walked through the Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square of the city then, there are yet few more unknown paths left for you to travel. There are Wellington Arch and Apsley House at the Hyde Park Corner and also the Royal Mews, overshadowed by the grand presence of Buckingham Palace. Apart from that, there are loads of secret galleries and hidden museums located within every step of the city.

London is vast and wide, and you will be unable to cover all the important locales of the place at your first visit and this list is going to help you to cover the important ones at first.

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