Top tips on how hotel firms can work out a strategy to increase their direct bookings

Direct bookings are what really make hotel companies very happy because they know that their profits will be higher. This is compared to giving a cut of their revenues to third-party sites such as Trivago and TripAdvisor. Advertising on these sites is clearly very necessary for better online exposure but what firms want is for tourists to head directly to their site. OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) are crucial to any travel company, but hotels need to learn about how to steer web traffic to their own website through other means. In this modern digital age there are certainly a number of methods that make this a definite option.

For instance many hotels have adopted a great social media marketing strategy that has a hashtag encouraging tourists to book directly. Seems simple but an advertising campaign such as this can get into the heads of travellers and they will automatically turn to the hotel website. Having a wonderful hotel marketing plan is vital when trying to get customers to discover and use the website to book. Another crucial part of this process is when tourists book through a third-party website, there should be a message telling them to book directly through them next time. This can be done by email and hopefully they should remember.

In any paid advertising the words “book direct” should also be visible as this message will stay in the customer’s head. Naturally from this type of advertising tourists will directly click on to the site itself, but may end up booking through a third-party website. This is what should be discouraged, and something else a hotel should do is offer better rates than the OTAs. For instance a last-minute deal should have a reduced room rate that is only available through the website. This will encourage travellers to use the website directly when they are reserving a living space and the hotel can add them to their existing customer database.

What is important for a hotel website is to ensure that what they are offering is amazing. A site should be very easy to navigate and allow tourists to book very easily. A fantastic site should include beautiful pictures, descriptions about the rooms and highlight any great extra facilities such as a spa or gym. Travellers want to be encouraged to book and they will do so if the whole procedure is smooth and quick to complete. The website needs to look bright and inviting, and the online booking engine should be very easy to navigate. These important points will ensure tourists do not click away from the website to a rival hotel.

To make direct bookings easier travel companies should hire the excellent workers at World Hotel Marketing to help with their booking engine. They will ensure web figures are raised and tourists feel at ease using the website. There are a team of consultants at the firm that will offer the amazing Booking Direct tool that has many brilliant features. It provides a speedy check-out process and is both multi-lingual and includes Google+ and Facebook integration. Payment for a room can be done in a number of currencies making this reservation engine very tempting for travellers when booking an accommodation.

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