Top attractions in the Piccadilly area of London

London can certainly not be said to be bereft of some of the finest attractions in the world! It has more than its fair share of iconic landmarks, historic buildings and modern marvels, which make it an incredible city to spend a fine holiday in.

It is no wonder then that is the most visited city in Europe with millions thronging to the city every year. If you plan a holiday in London then one area that is a must visit is Piccadilly Circus that is one of the most popular spots with visitors and tourists to London. Some of the top attractions to see in the area include:

Piccadilly Circus: Just a short stroll away from The Piccadilly London West End Hotel is Piccadilly Circus, which is a renowned traffic junction and crossroad that is popular for its nightlife, shopping, restaurants and historical attractions. The entire area glows with neon lights on dazzling billboards in the evening, which is reminiscent of Times Square in New York. It derived its unique name in the 17th century from a tailor by the name of Robert Baker. He was famous for stitching collars known as Piccadillies and the name stuck to the area. It certainly still lives up to its heritage of sartorial elegance, as there some fine bespoke tailor shops still to be found in the area.

St. James’s Church: It is an Anglican Church that was designed by the famous English architect Sir Christopher Wren. It opened for worship in 1684 and is an architectural masterpiece in its own right. Its impressive architecture features the use of materials and designs popular in that period such as Portland stone, red brick, lime wood interiors, carved marble and stunning Corinthian columns. The wood work to be seen in the Church was the creation of master wood carver Grinling Gibbons. Apart from its religious significance the area is also home to Piccadilly Market, which serves as a magnet for shopaholics.  From knick knacks to antiques and collectibles there are a lot of interesting things to be found here.

Shaftesbury Memorial Fountain: It was built in 1893, to commemorate the exceptional work carried out by noted philanthropist Lord Shaftesbury. He spent a better part of his in the service of the poor and the downtrodden classes of the city at that time. The fountain has a semi-nude statue of Anteros (brother of Eros, although it referred to as Eros by Londoners), who is the Angel of Christian Charity. It is made from aluminium, which was extremely rare as a metal to be found in Victorian times. At the time of its unveiling is caused a fair bit of commotion on account of the nudity, as it was the extremely conservative and prudish Victorian era, although later it became one of the most important landmarks of the area. It now occupies a prominent position as being one of the most famous sculpted fountains in the city of London.

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